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All About Brian Cole


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3 thoughts on “About Brian”

  1. Hi Brian, your videos have been very helpful. I drive mostly in Orlando Fl. for Uber, I live about 40 miles away in Melbourne we have about 8 Uber drivers there. But the money is in Orlando Fl., I used to cook for Disney so I don’t mind the drive. Due to bad knees I no longer cook. I do Uber full time, for about 3 months. I love it, but I want some of those big checks you used to get. I am planning on getting your course you and Harry put out, hopefully it will help. I am 60 and plan on doing this for a while.

  2. Brian, I ordered the course after I watched your webinar with harry. Now I can’t find it on my laptop. Can you tell me where I can retrieve it ? I know it’s probably something simple I’m overlooking. thanks for the great videos. I find them very helpful here in tampa, fl. thanks again, mark.


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