Top 10 Uber Pro Questions Answered

Lately I shared videos about Uber Pro and Lyft Driver Enhancements, and following those and other articles we’ve received lots of feedback about the programs. Today I’d like to post the top 10 questions about Uber Pro, and answer them. Jay Cradeur with The Rideshare Guy will present the top 10 questions about Uber Pro,…

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Lyft Responds to Uber Pro With Their Own Driver Enhancements

Are Lyft’s new Driver Enhancements better than Uber Pro? Uber Pro is a rewards program for drives that promises to offer perks and extra pay to some drivers. Lyft has followed suit with their own rewards program, called Driver Enhancements. What exactly is the Lyft Driver Enhancements program, and how does it measure up to…

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Uber Pro – Driver Rewards Program May Pay You More Money!

Uber announced Uber Pro back in November, but it hasn’t yet reached most markets. It’s a reward program for drivers, and if it hasn’t reached you yet, it’s important to know what it is and how to maximize any benefits from it. Jay Cradeur from the Rideshare Guy recorded a detailed video about The Uber…

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Uber Monthly Passes: What do They Mean For Drivers & Riders?

Uber recently announced a monthly ride pass feature for passengers that promises discounts on rides and other benefits. What does that mean for drivers, and what do riders get out of the pass? Mark from UberHints¬†on YouTube recorded a good, comprehensive video about the new ride passes. Take a look at his video, then scroll…

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When Should You Go Online During An Uber Surge?

Earning surge pricing on a fare is one of the best ways to make a ride truly profitable, but we all know that “chasing the surge,” or driving directly toward a surge zone while you’re online, is not the best tactic. So what is a good way to take advantage of the surge? Your Driver…

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