May 2017 Live Q&A – Mystro, Ratings, Airport Runs & More Rides!

Occasionally, I host a live stream Q&A on my Rideshare Guy Youtube channel where I go over recent rideshare issues and take questions from the audience. It’s a really great chance for you guys to catch up on the latest news and ask whatever you want, so I decided to link one of the video…

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Do you suffer from driver irregularity? How regular hours can help

One of the great things about ridesharing is the flexibility. But does our work and earnings suffer if we don’t stick to a regular schedule? I want to share a great video from Mark over at Uber Hints that’s all about the issue of setting your own hours. Watch Mark’s video, then check out the…

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How To Order An Uber Ride From Your Computer

Hey guys, today Jon will show us how to order an Uber ride from your computer. It’s mainly a trick for passengers, but it’s always good to know what the passenger experience is like and what you can expect from requests you get when you’re out on the road. Take a look at Jon’s video,…

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The 7 Stages of Rideshare Driver Separation

Here at the Rideshare Guy we get a lot of feedback from Uber and Lyft drivers, and their comments usually fall into one of two categories: People who are happy with the gig, and people who aren’t. There’s also a third type of commenter who thinks I’m awkward, and creepy, and that I don’t have…

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The Top 5 mistakes Uber and Lyft drivers make

Most of what I usually cover is about things you can do to maximize your income and improve your driver ratings. But what should you NOT do as a driver? Today, I want to share a video by a great Youtuber called Your Driver Mike about the top 5 mistakes that all drivers should avoid.…

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