Why Drivers Should Never Start an Uber or Lyft Trip Early

It can be tempting to begin a trip as soon as you arrive at the passenger’s, but there are some major drawbacks to doing that. Today I want to share a really solid piece of advice from Dustin, a YouTuber over at Dustin is Driving. He covers some of the reasons why starting a trip…

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How the Bird App Works for Chargers: A Tutorial

Recently, there’s been a redesign of the iOS version of the Bird Charger app, along with some new features added to it. These updates include a more responsive map, more Bird information and actions available directly on that map, filters to allow you to zero in on the exact Birds you want to search for,…

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Why Aren’t All Uber & Lyft Drivers Offered the Same Bonuses?

You would assume that in order to motivate all drivers equally, both Lyft and Uber would offer us all the same bonus opportunities. But that is not the case. Joe, here at the Rideshare Guy and today we’re going to discuss why neither company offers drivers the same bonuses. What type of bonuses do Uber…

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Which Cars Are Best For Each Uber & Lyft Category?

As drivers, our vehicles are a lot of things to us: An asset, an office, and a means of transportation for our personal life. The vehicle you use makes a big difference, so if you have any choice at all in the matter, it’s a smart idea to pick a car that’s ideal for rideshare.…

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When is Mystro Coming to iPhone?

Mystro has been one of the most popular apps for rideshare drivers over the past year, but the only problem is it’s only android for right now. I’d like to discuss when, if ever, Mystro will be coming to the iPhone. And if you haven’t heard of the app, Mystro, make sure you stay tuned…

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