9 Reasons Why I Like Uber More than Lyft

Lyft likes to market itself as a company that treats drivers better, but when the rubber meets the road, there’s a lot of ways that Uber actually treats their drivers way better than Lyft. I’m Christian of The Rideshare Guy, and today I’m going to give you nine reasons, and then a couple more bonus…

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How Drivers Can Handle Unaccompanied Minors & Parents Without Car Seats

You’ve arrived at your passenger’s pickup location only to find out that they’re an unaccompanied minor or a parent with a young child and no car seat. What should you do? Joe with The Rideshare Guy has good strategies on how can you handle these types of requests. Watch Joe’s video, then scroll to the…

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How To Make $1900 Per Week Driving for Uber and Lyft

Is is possible to make $1900/week driving for Uber and Lyft? Our own Jay Cradeur is going to share with you some of my tips and techniques and strategies to consistently earn $1900 per week. If you’ve watched any of my videos, you know I love the flexibility of being an Uber and a Lyft…

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Mystro in Action: How to Use Mystro for Uber and Lyft

Jay Cradeur with The Rideshare Guy created a great video that is all about Mystro. Jay gives his personal review of the app, and shows you how to use it to filter ride requests for Uber and Lyft. Currently Mystro is only available on Android phones. Take a look at Jay’s video to see Mystro…

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What’s the difference between rideshare insurance and commercial insurance?

What’s the difference between rideshare insurance and commercial insurance? You may have heard these two terms thrown around interchangeably, but there’s actually a big difference. I’m going to tell you what matters to you as an Uber X or a Lyft driver. Take a look at my video that explains the important differences between rideshare…

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