What Drivers Need to Know About Uber Money

Everybody knows that Uber is trying to become profitable. To that end, they announced Uber Money. In video and article we are going to share with you what we know about Uber Money and how it may impact you. And stick around because at the end of the video, I’m going to give you a…

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Explaining the New Lyft and Uber Cleaning Fee Policy

Puke, vomit, dirt, grime: Uber and Lyft have some new and strict regulations that you got to follow in order to get reimbursed. In this video and article, we’re going to look at those new requirements to claim a cleaning fee because some of our readers have told us that they’re not getting reimbursed. And…

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This Week: Separate Bathrooms for Uber Drivers & Employees? And More

This week in rideshare news: An Uber Greenlight Hub has separate bathrooms for drivers and Uber employees, Uber launches a payday loan service, and Uber releases a safety report. Hey, what’s up? It’s Cecily. It’s a rainy afternoon. Do you guys know the song? Anyway, we’re about to get into the news over here I…

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Lyft No Longer Shows What Each Passenger Pays For Rides

In an attempt to provide a clearer view of our weekly pay, Lyft has removed information from each ride breakdown while also giving us a more detailed weekly summary. Is this a good thing? Lyft is now providing more detailed weekly summaries for drivers, which is a good thing, but in the process they’re removing…

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GetUpside App Review: Easily Earn Cashback On Gas (2019)

As rideshare drivers, gas is one of our biggest expenses. We want to try to save as much as possible on gas! Recently we learned about an app that will get you cash back on gas purchases: Getupside. Getupside is a really simple way to earn cash back on gas purchases. You just look for…

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