This Week: Passengers Can Pick Favorite Drivers, And a Question About Minors

This week in rideshare news: Uber passengers can now pick their favorite drivers in some markets Uber bans a driver after passengers hold a ladder outside of the car window, and would you pick up an emancipated minor?

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Uber and Lyft’s Airport PIN Pickup System Explained

Finding a passenger at the airport can be very frustrating. Have you ever had the experience where you’re trying to find a passenger and you can’t find them, then the guy in the yellow vest tells you to move on?¬†Then you’ve got to go all the way around, and all the way around and come…

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What Percentage Of The Fare Do Uber & Lyft Really Take?

When I started driving back in 2014, the take rate for both Uber and Lyft was a standard 20%. So for every ride, I would get my 80%, they would take their 20% and a small service fee. But with the advent of upfront pricing and a migration away from drivers getting a percentage of…

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This Week: No More Upfront Pricing? And The New Tax Center

This Week In Rideshare News: All about the new Gig Economy Tax Center, Uber is removing up front pricing in California, and the biggest mistakes passengers make Hey guys, what’s up? It is Cecily, and it’s this week in rideshare news. Gig Economy Tax Center Finally and just in time, the IRS launches the Gig…

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6 Steps For Setting Up Your Uber/Lyft Car

What are the tasks and things you need to do so that your car is ready to go out and drive for Uber and Lyft? Stick around, because at the end of the video, I’m going to share with you the sixth step, which most drivers don’t even consider. It can be very, very lucrative.…

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