8 Weeks of Earnings With an Uber Fair Car Rental

Do you think you can make $30 an hour net with your Fair Car Rental vehicle? Well, in this video I’m going to present the results of my eight week test in which I attempted to accomplish that. And stick around at the end of the video because I’m going to share with you a…

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This Week: Lyft Helps Fire Evacuees, & Should Passengers Tip Drivers?

This week in rideshare news – Lyft offers free rides to citizens evacuating from the fires in Southern California and the question “should uber passengers tip their drivers?” gets debated among those who use Uber services regularly.   Guys, what’s up? It’s Cecily and it’s this week in Rideshare News. An Uber driver suffered a…

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How Will the LAX Ban on Curbside Pickups Affect Drivers & Passengers?

Big changes are coming to rideshare at LAX, and it’s going to create a new pickup experience for both drivers and passengers. We’ve discussed the LAX changes in this post at The Rideshare Guy, and it’s always good to get more than one perspective on a new issue. Mark from UberHints on YouTube recorded a…

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Fair App Review โ€“ How I Got a $305 Fair Car Rental Bonus!

Do you ever wonder what it’s like driving a car through the Fair rental program for Uber? I’m going to share with you my four takes for my first week of doing it. Stick around because at the end of the video, I’m going to share with you whether I stuck with the program, or…

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This Week: Uber & Lyft Banned From Curbside LAX, and New Lyft Driver Loyalty Program

This week in rideshare news: Uber and Lyft get banned from LAX, Lyft makes changes to their driver loyalty program and an Uber driver gets traumatized after one of her passengers jumps out of the vehicle during a ride. Hey, what’s up? It’s Cecily, and it’s This Week And Rideshare News. LAX Bans uber and…

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