Driving Uber In Big Vs Small City – San Francisco vs Minneapolis

Do drivers in small cities need to use different strategies than drivers in big cities? We’re going to talk about the differences in driving when you’re in a big market versus a small market. Jay Cradeur, who’s in San Francisco and Joe, who is in Minneapolis share with you some of the similarities and the…

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Pregnant Lyft driver killed by passenger – Really sad story

This video and post are about a sad news story that happened a little while back. I saw this story that just came out on the news and it’s about a pregnant Lyft driver in Arizona that was actually murdered by her passenger. I decided to do a live stream with other drivers to help…

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What’s up with Uber and Lyft Rate Changes?

If you didn’t know, Uber and Lyft both changed their rates in December, and continue to do so across the country. And as of March 11, Uber finally rolled out rate changes in Los Angeles, one of their biggest markets. What I’m going to do is go over five aspects of that change. This video’s…

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Bird Zero Review: The New Bird Zero Scooter by Electisan (aka The Tank)

A year ago, Bird first launched, and today, the scooters, they’re on most every single block. They’ve expanded to dozens of cities across the country and really across the world, and many people now use them as part of their daily lives and their daily commute. In this video, I was in Santa Monica, California,…

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Understanding Uber’s Driver Bonuses

Uber’s driver bonuses are a great way to make more money, but they’re not available everywhere, and they’re not available to everyone. How many bonuses does Uber actually offer and how do you qualify for them? Joe here with The Rideshare Guy, and today we’re going to discuss Uber’s most popular driver bonuses. Here are…

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