How To See Your Lyft Passenger’s Destination Ahead Of Time

You’ve waited at your passenger’s pickup location for five minutes. You now have the ability to cancel the ride and collect the cancellation fee. Lyft makes that decision a little bit easier for you by allowing you to see your passenger’s destination ahead of time. Today, Joe with The Rideshare Guy is going to talk…

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Can Someone Else Ride With Me While Driving For Uber?

A lot of new Uber drivers and people who are thinking about becoming a driver wonder if they can have a friend or family member ride along with them while they drive. I recorded a video answer to this question, so check it out below to see my answer. The short answer is no. You can’t…

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Hacking Uber’s Rewards Program For Drivers

Do you know about Uber’s rewards program for drivers with Shop Your Way? Most of us don’t even know about it. Chris from The Rideshare Guy is going to tell you how to hack and stack Uber and Shop Your Way rewards program for drivers by doing what we’re already doing, which is driving. Take…

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What Is The Worst Vehicle to Use For Uber?

The vehicle you use to drive for Uber is very important. The right vehicle will make your customers happy and keep your bottom line healthy, but the wrong vehicle could lead to bad ratings and big expenses. There are a lot of choices out there, so what is the worst type of vehicle to use…

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3 Improvements For The Uber Driver App

How can Uber make the driver app better for drivers? Jay from The Rideshare Guy shared three things that he really likes about the Uber app, and three improvements that he would like to see to improve the experience for drivers. Take a look at Jay’s video, and read the video transcript below to see…

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