3 Ways You Could be Unfairly Deactivated from Uber or Lyft

An unfair and random deactivation. This happened to Jay a few months back, our very own Senior Rideshare Guy contributor. At the time that he was deactivated, he had 7,000 trips and a 4.92 star rating on Uber. All of his documents were current and he had no recent accidents or tickets. The moral of…

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Wheels Scooter App Review PLUS Working As A Wheels Transporter

Let’s talk about the newest shared vehicle to hit the streets! And guess what? It’s a scooter. It’s a bike. It’s a scooter bike! They’re pretty unique and they’re called Wheels. We’re going to take one for a ride and I’m going to tell you how you can make a few bucks lugging these things…

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This Week: Uber Driver Arrested Following Livestream Car Chase

Welcome back to this week in rideshare news! An Uber Driver is in custody after passengers livestreamed the driver chase another car, an Uber Driver was sentenced for illegal border rides, and all about 1-833-USE-UBER. It’s Valentine’s weekend and it’s This Week in Rideshare News. Uber Driver in Custody After Kidnapping & Livestream Chase Now, this one is really rough. An Uber driver is now in police custody because he was chasing down another car that rear ended him who then fled the scene. And then this guy decides to pursue that car with passengers in his vehicle. This happened this past Monday and the passengers livestreamed the event. The guy’s charged with two counts of reckless driving, kidnapping, hit and run because he got into an accident. It is absolutely crazy. Check this out. We’re running through red lights, like two people almost hit us. Yo. I just want to get out. I got four kids. Okay. He can hear you ma’am. He can hear you. He can- Where are you? Oh (bleep). Oh my gosh, shorty. What’s happening? Somebody just hit us. He’s trying to catch the man. We’re on the Boulevard now. I’m in pain. My whole side hurt. Now, this couple describes this as the scariest moment of their lives. They were extremely upset, obviously, and they thought this guy was pretty crazy and that they might even lose their lives. They’ve done a ton of interviews just describing their experience, so if you Google it, I’m sure you guys can find it, but I mean, can you believe it? He’s chasing the guy that hit his car. He actually ends up hitting another car, “Oh, my God,” this is such a mess. Uber Driver Sentenced…

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Uber Drivers Are Getting Deactivated for This (False Reports)

It’s every driver’s worse nightmare, and it seems like it’s happening more often: Some passengers leave false reports that can get us deactivated. What can you do about it? Dusting over at Dustin is Driving on Youtube recorded a video that shares common false reports that drivers are seeing, and discusses some ways you can…

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5 Uber Driver App Features You Need to Know About

The Uber Driver app is just an amazing piece of technology! It’s remarkable. I’m going to share with you five lesser-known app features that I find very valuable. And stick around because I’m going to share with you my number one tool that I like to use particularly during the Uber Pool rides. Take a…

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