Lyft’s New Weekly Ride Challenge Bonus is Live!

Today I’d like to cover Lyft’s new bonus called The Weekly Ride Challenge. And stick around because at the end of the video I’m gonna give you my recommendation, whether this new bonus is a a thumbs or a thumbs down. Take a look at Jay’s video, and scroll to the transcript below to see…

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What’s It Like to be a Bird Charger? Electric Scooter App Walkthrough

Today, Ezra from The Rideshare Guy is going to share his experience charging Bird scooters and making some money while doing it. It’s a growing on-demand job that offers pretty easy extra money, so take a look at Ezra’s video and see if it’s the kind of work you might want to do. What is…

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Should Uber and Lyft Drivers Do Cash Rides?

Have you ever though that you could make more money if you just cut out the middle man and gave rides to people for cash or credit card only? We know that Uber and Lyft and all these companies really are taking higher and higher commissions. And what a way this would be to get…

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How Much I Made Charging Scooters For Lime

Lately I’ve put out a few videos and articles about the new electric scooter companies that seem to be popping up all over the US. My videos have mainly focused on Bird, but Lime is another big player in the scooter market that you may have heard of. Both companies offer charging jobs, paying up…

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Why I Drive More For Lyft

Jay Cradeur of The Rideshare Guy chooses to drive a lot more for Lyft than for Uber. Why might a driver strongly prefer one over the other? Take a look at Jay’s video, and scroll to the transcript to see all the points he covers. If you can, drive for both Uber and Lyft Well…

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