How To Tip Your Uber Driver

Today’s video is just a quick demonstration of Uber’s tipping feature, from the passenger’s perspective. The tipping feature on Uber is great for drivers because it actually helps increase our earnings and it’s also great for passengers, too, because they can now recognize and reward the great service that so many drivers provide. Take a…

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Podcast: Two Students Share the Best Strategies and Tips from Maximum Ridesharing Profits

If you follow me over at The Rideshare Guy, you know that I regularly publish a podcast for drivers where I try to cover all angles of the rideshare experience. Now that Maximum Ridesharing Profits has reached thousands of of drivers, I figured I could bring a few MRP students onto the podcast to see…

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Is Uber Backing Off on its 180 Day Pledge?

We’ve spoken a lot about Uber’s 180 Days of Change program, a series of changes that Uber has been making over the year that are intended to make life better for drivers. Some of those changes, like the addition of the tipping feature, have been a pretty clear slam dunk success. But is Uber living…

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What Should Rideshare Drivers Do When You Get A Request For A Minor?

What should rideshare drivers do when you get a ride request from a minor? This is happening more and more frequently. Parents are sending their kids in Ubers, or even giving them their own account. Should you give minors a ride, and what is the official Uber and Lyft policy on this? Watch my video…

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Stride Drive Free Mileage Tracking App Review – For Android

Today, Jon from the will be talking about a free mileage tracking app called Stride Drive. Now, you might remember that we reviewed this app back when it was out only on iOS. It’s now out on both iOS and Android. They’ve made a lot of improvements, and so today we’re going to give…

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