Jay Bought $1,000 in Lyft IPO Stock and Here’s What Happened!

Back in April, The Rideshare Guy contributor Jay Cradeur was given the opportunity to purchase pre IPO stock from Lyft. It was a pretty interesting story, so even though it happened a few months ago I thought that it’s still a good story to share! Take a look at Jay’s video below to see what…

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This XL Driver Thinks Uber Comfort is a Joke

You might have heard that Uber launched a new service called Comfort that costs more than UberX but less than XL. Reactions from drivers are starting to come in, and they’re not all positive! Dustin is Driving over on Youtube drives an XL vehicle that won’t qualify for Comfort, and he shared his reaction in…

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This Week in Rideshare: Uber/Lyft Driving Patients to Doctors?

This week in rideshare news: An update on the AB5 bill in California, an Uber driver unknowingly acts as a getaway driver, and Uber and Lyft move into the non-emergency transport business. Update on AB5 bill In California AB5 passes four to one on Wednesday and Uber driver unknowingly acts as a getaway driver and…

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How to Be a Lime Scooter Charger [AKA Juicer]

Joe here with The Rideshare Guy and today we’re gonna discuss Lime and how to become a juicer. Lime is another shared scooter company. They launched in January of 2017 and in just two years they’ve grown to a valuation of over a billion dollars. Take a look at my video all about becoming a…

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Special Report: Live at the Uber and Lyft Strike in Los Angeles

Back on My 8th, I attended a major strike by Uber and Lyft drivers. It was organized by Rideshare Drivers united here in Los Angeles. They were the ones who did the first big strike after Uber cut the per mile rate in Los Angeles by 25% that was the catalyst for the first strike…

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