Can I Still Get A Retroactive Uber Driver Sign-up Bonus?

Is it possible to get a retroactive Uber driver sign-up bonus or incentive? This is a question I get from readers all the time, and generally it’s people who are just signing up or even if you’re an existing driver and you’re out there referring new drivers. This is something that should be important to…

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How to handle UberX and Lyft requests with too many riders

You’re waiting for your passenger to come outside and get in the car, and as you see them walking out you start counting. One, two, three, four, five, or even six people. But you’re driving Uber X or Lyft and you only have four seat belts, so what do you do? How do you handle…

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What Does Uber Have to do to Regain Your Trust?

Do you trust Uber? We cover just about every move Uber makes, and over the years they’ve definitely pulled some surprising moves that have not gone over well with drivers. They tried to regain some trust with drivers with the 180 Days of Change program, but did that go far enough? Mark with made…

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Should You Double Park for Passenger Pickups and Dropoffs?

Whenever I tell people that I have a blog for Uber and Lyft drivers that helps them maximize their profits, I always get questions like, “How hard could it be to drive Uber?” I think that being an Uber or a Lyft driver isn’t rocket science, but it’s a little more difficult than it looks.…

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How Uber Passengers Can Enter Multiple Destinations On Their Uber Ride

Did you know that Uber passengers can enter multiple destinations into the Uber app? I made a quick instructional video that shows you how. This video is for both passengers and Uber drivers. Most passengers don’t know how to do this, so it’s a really great tip that only takes a minute to explain. Editor’s note: We originally…

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