This Week: Drivers Sue to Overturn Prop 22, Tragic Murder Caught on Dashcam

Welcome back to his week in Rideshare news:

  • Some Uber, Lyft drivers sue to overturn California’s Prop. 22 ballot measure
  • Rideshare Driver’s Murder Recorded on His DashCam
  • Uber Eats Meet Me At The Door

Cecily:                  Welcome back to this week in Rideshare News. My name is Cecily and here are this week’s headlines. A driver lawsuit says Uber and Lyft Proposition 22 is unconstitutional. The ballot measure that’s been in effect for over a month is already facing legal challenges. A labor union and a group of drivers filed a lawsuit this past Tuesday alleging that the Prop unconstitutionally limits California’s power to protect the rights of gig workers. It says that under the proposition, elected officials aren’t able to amend the law and allow for drivers to have safeguards like workers compensation and the right to organize. It’s likely that the court could rule that the law is unconstitutional and repeal it. We saw the same thing happen with Prop 8. When Prop 8 passed, it prevented gay couples from marrying, and Prop 187, limiting education and healthcare rights for immigrants.

I would like to warn you that the next story is about a slain rideshare driver. If you are sensitive to this type of news, please advance to the next time code about Uber Eats delivery options gone wrong. A slain rideshare driver’s murder was captured on his dash cam. According to the police, this is what happened. Joshua Miller picked up Joshua Emmanuel Scott at 11:00 AM last Friday. He drove for a time before his passenger ordered for him to stop the vehicle. The passenger tried to cut the driver’s throat, stabbed him multiple times with the knife and multiple objects. The driver attempted to drive away, but crashed into a building. There, he continued to fight and the passenger ordered him outside of the vehicle to clean off the car. He then ran the man over several times with his own car. He then exited the vehicle and hit the driver over and over again. A witness ask what happened and the passenger stated that he had just walked up on the scene. He actually demanded that the witness open the gate nearby to which they refused, and the passenger jumped in Miller’s car and drove away.

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I’m happy to report that Joshua Emmanuel Scott is in custody. He was identified clearly on the dash cam. I send my deepest condolences to the Millers family. I share this story as a means to bring awareness to drivers. This ride started at 11:00 AM. He picked up his passenger from his job, so you never can be too careful in judging a situation. Where are you picking people up from? What time of day? Not to say that this could be avoided. I mean, who would even think something like this could happen, but I think we all can learn something from this. I hope that the family finds the peace that they need and deserve as this young man did not deserve [inaudible].

It seems that Uber Eats delivery options have drivers and customers frustrated and confused. When the pandemic started, Uber Eats created a leave at the door option to protect drivers and customers alike, but kept a meet at the door option for those who wanted their orders handed to them. Turns out there’s issues on both sides. The most common complaints are drivers are concerned about their safety because customers show up to the door without masks. In addition, many customers have complained that there’s a glitch in the app when they’ve tried to switch between, leave at door, meet at door. When they try to do leave at door, that it switches to meet a door. So after doing research on this issue, I found that most drivers didn’t like the meet at door option to begin with because customers wouldn’t meet them with masks and things like that.

Now, most people don’t wear masks at home and I get it. The transaction’s pretty quick and you don’t really even think about it. But do you believe that Uber Eats and other food delivery companies should institute a mass policy for customers? What are your thoughts? Let me know what they are and why. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on this program, let me know. You can hit me on YouTube or Facebook. I just hope you guys stay safe. Keep your eyes on the prize and I hope you make a lot of money this week. Have a great weekend. See you next Saturday. Bye.



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