This XL Driver Thinks Uber Comfort is a Joke

You might have heard that Uber launched a new service called Comfort that costs more than UberX but less than XL. Reactions from drivers are starting to come in, and they’re not all positive!

Dustin is Driving over on Youtube drives an XL vehicle that won’t qualify for Comfort, and he shared his reaction in a good video that covers why he and many other drivers won’t like Comfort.

Uber Comfort offers newer, roomier cars

What’s going on, all my new, current, and future ride share drivers and passengers out there? I wanted to talk about Uber Comfort. For those that don’t know, that’s supposed to be an addition to UberX, like an extra, I guess I should say. Not quite paying XL prices, but you get a little roomier ride. They just released what vehicles actually qualify for this. You can just check it up on their website.

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The model year requirement will exclude a lot of cars

Sad to say, a lot of people’s vehicles out there will not qualify. Not because you’re not roomy, but because your vehicle is not new enough. Yeah. My 2015 Toyota Sienna, XL van, does not qualify for Comfort. That blew my mind. Because my vehicle’s not a 2017, I don’t get to pick up Comfort rides. I’m stuck with X and XLs, which is really bogus, considering the simple fact that the 2017 isn’t any bigger than the 2015, so what the hell? Do they expect me to go buy a brand-new van, or at least a 2017, just so I could pick up Comfort people? Hell to the no. That’s a negative, Ghost Rider. They are out of their mind. They got a better shot at seeing God. Let me tell you what, they must have been drinking a whole lot of their own Kool-Aid, because that is just insane.

At these rates, drivers won’t get newer cars

Why would drivers go ahead and buy all these newer vehicles? Unless you have a Mercedes, or something similar, that is 2014 and newer, you just don’t qualify. What do they think drivers are going to do? There’s not going to be that many drivers out there that actually qualify for Comfort because the rates they have nowadays aren’t going to cut it. You want me to buy a brand new vehicle? Bring back rates from three years ago when we were making $2.25 a mile. Now, we’re barely making 70 cents per mile, depending on your market. But then I want you to have a newer vehicle so you can qualify for Comfort? Get out of here with that crap.

XL drivers will get paid less for Comfort rides

I just wanted everybody to know, Uber Comfort is a joke. All it really is is another form of Uber to get rides and make riders pay more money. Drivers will get a little bit more of that money, but not a whole lot. It’s almost XL rates, but not quite. If anything, XL drivers out there are getting screwed from all the people that have new vehicles for Comfort. And if you have an older vehicle, like I said, that’s a high-end quality like a Mercedes or something like that, I’d hope you sure as hell ain’t driving normal UberX or Comfort rides. You better be taking those Select and Black rides.

This is just getting out of hand. It’s getting crazy out there, and the simple fact of, my van doesn’t qualify? 2015 and 2017, they had the same amount of space. Hell, I’m an XL. That automatically means you’re going to get room. So, it’s like, get out of here with that BS, Uber.

As always, check the video description for extra information and tips. Get your money, use common sense, don’t take crap from anybody, and until next time, Uber on or don’t.

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