Worst Rideshare Passenger Ever!! ‘JO’ gets a Lyft From The Rideshare Guy

In five years of rideshare driving, I’ve found that most rides go off without a hitch, and honestly most passengers are great. But there are times where you’re gonna have tricky situations or difficult passengers, and it’s important how you handle them.

Today I’m gonna teach you how to handle any situation that might come up with a little humility and some grace.¬†Take a look at the video (it’s a parody, just for fun!)!

We had a lot of fun out there with J.O., but when you’re out on the road driving, you can’t always control every passenger that you’re gonna get, and every situation that you might face. Some passengers are gonna be more difficult than others, but it’s good to always be prepared. Even though it’s our job to provide good customer service, it’s important that you remind your passengers who’s the boss.

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