Why Uber Drivers Shouldn’t Drive Around Aimlessly

Is it taking too long to get a ride request? Should you try to reposition yourself, stay put, or drive around until you get a ride? This is a pretty common issue with newer drivers, and I’ve said before that it’s not a good idea to drive around aimlessly.

But it’s nice to get another driver’s perspective, so I’d like to share a quick video from Kon at RideShare Tips about this issue. Take a look at Kon’s video, then check out the video transcript below.

What should you do when requests aren’t coming in?

Kon here with another video. The question of the day is what should you do when request isn’t coming in? A lot of people say that you should be driving around and then other people argue that you should be sitting in one space. Personally, I stay in one spot. When I drop someone off I’ll wait there. I’ll wait about 10 minutes.

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If I don’t get a request within 10 minutes then I’ll switch locations. I’m not going to drive around aimlessly wasting gas like some people do. Even though I have a Prius I’m averaging it says 43 miles to the gallon right now. A lot of people have cars that don’t even get 30 miles to the gallon when they’re doing this so that’s definitely not worth it for you guys.

A 10-minute break can be good for you

It’s still not worth it wasting gas and mainly I don’t do it because you take a little break from driving. You’re driving all day. Take a little break in between rides. 10 minutes can be good for you. I wouldn’t recommend driving around. I think you should relocate if you don’t get a ride within 10 minutes.

Depending on what time it is, if it’s night time just Google nearest bar near you or whatever or a popular night club or something like that where you know people are going to be ‘because you’ll always get a ride there. Just drive towards there if you’re not getting any rides but don’t drive around aimlessly because it’s not worth it. You’re just going to be burning gas and tiring yourself out really.

Obviously if you drop someone off in a private neighborhood or something like that, don’t sit there. You’re likely to not get a ride there. Drive out of there first and then pull over somewhere. That’s my recommendation. Something I just struggled with today, it happens quite often actually, I’m driving around and I got to use the bathroom. It’s L.A. No one let’s you use the bathroom for free so you got to buy shit that you don’t want. I just bought this coffee. I don’t even drink coffee, they spelled my name wrong by the way!

Thanks for watching guys. Let me know what topic you want me to do next. Alright guys. Til next time, drive safe. I’ll see you on the road.

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