Tips On When & Where To Drive In All Markets

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could turn on the Uber or Lyft driver apps whenever we want and expect to make our best earnings? Sadly it doesn’t work that way, and timing where and when you drive is one of the most important ways to maximize your profits.

I’m always looking for new perspectives on the rideshare essentials, and I found a great video by a Youtuber named Dustin, at Uber Driver 101. He’s a driver in the Tampa, Florida market who has a lot of good advice on where and when to profitably drive.

Take a look at Dustin’s video, and read the transcript of the video below to see all of the points he covers.

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What’s good YouTube? All my new future and current rideshare drivers out there. I’m Dustin with Uber Driver 101 and today’s video, I’m gonna talk about great times and locations to drive that should work well in all markets. Now, this is just a guideline so please, change it up as you see fit to go ahead and make this work for you.

Try starting a shift from home

First off, I always tell all my people that ever ask me anything about when and where they should go, I say, “Hey. First, turn your app on at home.” No matter what time you want to do that or whatever, turn your app on at home. If you get a ping from your house, go ahead and just roll with that and change up things as you need when you’re out there on the road.

Now, if you’re just starting out and you don’t know what to do and you’re trying to figure out the times and locations, well this is the video for you then.

Good times to drive Monday through Friday

Monday through Friday driving times are very simple. Four or five in the morning ’til about nine, ten in the morning is great for everybody trying to get to work. The college people still need to get to dorms and all that. Mondays are especially great, because you have the people that are needing to go out to the airport. A lot of business people go out of town on Monday.

Depending on where you are make sure you use that destination filter so you can be making sure you’re gonna get that damn airport ride.

In the afternoon you go ahead and pick it back up at four or five in the afternoon ’til about ten, eleven at night. Now I say this, because I say everybody needs to get picked up from work. But then, this is also the people that, after they get home from work, you know you had a hard day or something you want to go out and throw one back, have a beer, have dinner. So that way you’ll be able to get the people from getting off work and wanting to go out. And then even possibly going back home. Those are the greatest times to work.

What are the best locations to drive?

The best locations are different for every market because there’s a lot of different places to go. Always go to the bus stations, you’ve got the train stations, the airport of course. Seaports if you have that available in your market. People don’t really think about it but the outlet malls are good, or any place there’s a lot of restaurants.

Every place there’s high populated, and heck, if you really get a little confused just ask your wife or ask somebody, “Hey, where you go shopping a lot?” Because where there’s gonna be a lot of shopping there is definitely going to be a lot of people needing a ride eventually, somehow.

I you have the college towns, college kids always need a ride everywhere, so you can always post up near there.

Use flight or train trackers to avoid waiting around at airports and train stations

There’s other places as well, but like I said, every market is different and those are just ideas of where you should start out. If you’re ever gonna go and sit at the airport and wait, please make sure you’ve got a flight tracker or something like that so you know when planes are coming in and leaving so you’re not just wasting your time sitting there. Same thing with the train stations, bus stations and seaports. You want to make sure you know something that’s going on before hand.

And of course, we all know the best thing to go to is events. So you always want to keep track of all that.

Well, I hope this just gives everybody a general idea of when to go and where to go, because like I said every market is different.

Weekends require a different strategy

Now the weekends, the weekends are just a whole new world. Personally on the weekends I like to do 9:00 at night until about four, five in the morning. That’s just when a lot of people are going to be out and there’s not traffic out there. The only thing you have to really worry about is potential pukers, or some bad situations that might try to arise. But, as long as you know, diffuse them, you should be all right with that.

To me, that’s the best times. Other than that, pretty much the whole weekend’s pretty great to drive no matter what. You’ve got the early mornings you can do the walk of shame people. The best shift to me, I think is gonna be nine, ten at night ’til about four to six in the morning really.

I hope this video is helpful to people. It gives you a general idea of what to do and where to go. As always, like, comment, share, subscribe. Keep doing your thing, getting your money. Always check the description below for extra helpful information and tips. Don’t take shit from nobody! Get that money, and Uber and Lyft on. Peace out.

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