When is Mystro Coming to iPhone?

Mystro has been one of the most popular apps for rideshare drivers over the past year, but the only problem is it’s only android for right now. I’d like to discuss when, if ever, Mystro will be coming to the iPhone.

And if you haven’t heard of the app, Mystro, make sure you stay tuned to the end too because I’m going to explain how it works, and I’ll make a big announcement about my personal involvement with the company going forward.

Mystro is only for Android phones – Will that change?

As I mentioned, Mystro is only operating on android, so you have to have an android phone to use it. But I spoke with Mystro CEO and founder the other day, and he says the company is definitely working hard on iPhone, and understands that there are a lot of iPhone users out there that really wanna use Mystro.

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Here’s the problem: right now, Apple is very specific about the apps that they allow in the Apple Store, and the way that Mystro works is by interacting with the accessibility options on android and this isn’t something that can be done right now on iPhone.

That’s sort the long technical explanation, but it’s definitely possible that Mystro could be coming to iPhone in the future, and it would probably have to be through a direct integration with Uber, Lyft, or Postmates. Mystro is adding Postmates soon, so it would probably have to be through a direct integration, which honestly I feel like is definitely gonna be happening in the future. I think there’s a lot of value for these companies in partnering with Mystro in the future.

What can iPhone users do in the meantime?

In the meantime, if you are on iPhone or you have a couple options. You can always get an android phone and tether that to your iPhone. Or, you can also make the switch like I did. I got myself a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. I switched to android a few years ago and I love android now personally but I totally get why people are on iPhone.

Mystro also has an iOS wait list on their site, so if you don’t wanna have to keep checking in with them, you can also just go to their website and sign up for that wait list.

Mystro in action: How to use it for Uber and Lyft

What is Mystro, and what is my role there?

If you guys are wondering what the heck Mystro is, basically it’s an app that allows you to automatically drive for Uber and Lyft at the same time. Two-thirds of all drivers are already doing both Uber and Lyft, but everything they do is manually. What you do with Mystro is you log onto Mystro and automatically logs you onto the Uber driver app and the Lyft driver app and logs you on and puts you online on both apps.

Let’s say you get an Uber request, Mystro will automatically accept it, and then it automatically logs you off of Lyft so you don’t get a Lyft request. Once the Uber ride is over, it logs it back onto both apps so now you’re available for rides on both apps again.

Mystro helps you get more rides when it’s slow

Now, the two things that I really love about the app is that first, it’s gonna get you more trips, especially when it’s slow. You wanna be online with both apps. But it can be a hassle to kind of manually operate all that. Mystro does all that for you, and will get you more trips. But the other thing that I like is it’s way safer, and this is one piece of feedback that I really enjoyed hearing from my readers because, frankly, driving ride share can be dangerous. I try not to touch my phone at all while I’m driving but sometimes, it’s unavoidable, right?

Even if you do only Uber or Lyft for example, I still like using Mystro with just one application, even let’s say if you just drive Uber, because it’ll automate that acceptance process. If you get a next trip request, it automates that and you can also use the filters to filter out certain rides, like Uber pool that you don’t wanna do or certain passengers.

When I first heard about this idea, I loved it. And recently, my big announcement is that I actually came on as an adviser for Mystro because that’s how much I am a fan of this company. And I really think that the idea is gonna benefit drivers in the long run.

What this means is that in exchange for a small percentage of the company Mystro, I actually help them with things like business strategy and getting them feedback directly from my viewers, just like you.

And no doubt, the iPhone option is probably the number one request I’ve heard from my audience, but hopefully this video helps explain the timeline. There isn’t a certain date that Mystro’s gonna be coming to iPhone. It’s something they’re working on but this is an app that you wanna try right now, and you’re sorta convinced that hey, it’s gonna have a big impact on my bottom line, you now have a couple solutions and you sorta know what to do.

Try Mystro!

If you do have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already. And give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. All right, drive safe every one.

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