What’s It Like to be a Bird Charger? Electric Scooter App Walkthrough

Today, Ezra from The Rideshare Guy is going to share his experience charging Bird scooters and making some money while doing it.

It’s a growing on-demand job that offers pretty easy extra money, so take a look at Ezra’s video and see if it’s the kind of work you might want to do.

What is the Bird charger program?

First, let’s cover some basic info about the Bird Charger program. Bird is an electric scooter sharing community that riders can access through a smartphone app.

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You find a Bird using the map, and then you can unlock it and ride it to your destination. Once the ride is over, the Bird will be available for the next rider to use.

Birds have a range of over 10 miles, which is pretty far. But what happens when the batteries run low? This is where chargers come in.

The three steps to charging a Bird

There are three main steps to what chargers do. The first thing is we find Birds throughout the community that are in need of a charge. The app will direct me to Birds that are nearby that need a charge, and will even tell me how much I’ll be paid for charging each Bird.

The second step is charging the Birds. This is just as simple as it sounds. You just plug it in and charge it, just like you would a phone or a laptop.

The final step is releasing the Birds so that they’ll be available for riders to use the next day. You release them in the morning, and then riders can use them throughout the day. The cool thing is, chargers actually get paid the same day that we release the Birds.

Locating Bird scooters that need charging

Let’s get started, and go find some Birds.

This is Alfredo. He is my navigator and director of security. Let’s go find some Birds.

I’ve just located the Bird. The next step is to scan it, using the app, and then pick it up. All you have to do is scan the code on top of the Bird, using the app, and then you can capture the Bird, and that Bird will be associated with your charger account, and it won’t be available to any other chargers or riders. You can always check all of the different Birds that you’ve captured by just tapping on My Birds from the charger menu.

Now, if for some reason, you can’t find the Bird at the location on the map, you can always try activating the alarm. It’ll beep, and sometimes that can lead you to the Bird. Or maybe it’s just no longer at that location, in which case, you can mark it missing to let other chargers know that it’s not there.

I like to try to find six Birds when I go out, because I have six power supplies. It really depends on the Birds I’m looking for as to how long it’ll take me. Sometimes I can find six Birds in as little as 30 minutes, or even less. Sometimes it might take an hour or a little bit more to find six Birds for me.

But again, it really depends on the Birds that I look for. Birds with lower values, like around $5-7, will generally be a lot easier to find. Then the higher value Birds, which can be as much as $20 or more, will be a lot harder to find, and it’ll take more time to find those.

Charging Bird scooters at home

Once you’ve captured all of your Birds, it’s time to take them home and charge them. Charging your Birds is super, super easy. It’s really just as easy as charging a cellphone. You just plug it in, and let it charge. Most Birds take between two and five hours to fully charge. It depends on the initial battery level when you first plug it in.

You know your Bird is charging if you plug it in, and the indicator light on the power supply turns red. That means it’s actively charging. If the light turns green, that means that charging is complete. Of course, you can always monitor your current battery levels on all of the Birds you’ve captured by tapping on My Birds.

Releasing Birds into the while: Setting scooters out on the street

Now, once your Birds are fully charged in the morning, it’ll be time to release them. You can release your Birds any time after 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Releasing your Birds is super easy. You basically bring your Birds to places called Nests, which will be throughout your community.

Nests are on private property, and they’re out of the way of doors, and walkways, and ramps, and sidewalks, and things like that. You want to place your Birds out of the way, but where people can still access them, and riders can get to them. Once you arrive at the Nest, you’ll be able to take a look at the Nest notes, and you can see a picture of the Nest with the Birds lined up in it, so you know exactly where to place your Birds.

Before you release your Birds, you do want to do a quick check at some point, and just make sure everything is functioning as it should. The kickstand works, the throttle works properly, the brakes work, and the stickers are on the Bird, and it’s not broken in half or anything else. You would just want to make sure that it’s safe for riders to use. Also, you just want to make sure the tires seem like they’re inflated to the proper specifications, and are nice and firm.

Once you’re ready to release your Birds, all you have to do is select the Birds you are releasing at that Nest, and then you just take a picture of the Birds you’re releasing, and boom. You’re done. That’s it. Payment will be sent over to you the same day.

I hope you enjoyed checking out the Bird Charger program. Until next time, happy charging.


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