What Is The Lyft Amp?

First it was the car stash, then it was the glow stash and now it’s the Amp. So, what is the Lyft Amp and how do you get one? Joe with The Rideshare Guy is going to discuss, demo and review the Lyft Amp.

Take a look at Joe’s video to see the Amp in action, and check out the transcript of the video below.

What is the Lyft Amp?

The Amp is an illuminated emblem that drivers place on the front dash of their car for passengers to more easily identify our vehicles. The main function it serves is color coordination. The front side of the Amp will light up different colors that coordinate with the passenger’s app.

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If the passenger chooses the color to be yellow, the front of our Amp will be yellow, and then they’ll be able to more easily identify our vehicles as we’re approaching. This makes it much easier for pick ups in busy spots like airports, concerts, sporting events, bars. It makes it much easier for passengers to identify our vehicles, especially at night. It makes it a lot easier at night. It shines very bright. It’s very easy to see. It’s very easy to identify your vehicle as a passenger.

More features of the Lyft Amp

The Amp lights up on the front side, and it also has this rear side here that will display messages. It greets you when you connect the Amp to your driver app. It also will show when your battery is low, it’ll give you a status indicator of your battery. It also shows you when you receive a new ride request. You’ll get a message on the rear side saying you’ve received a new request, and it also, they’ve just recently rolled this out, it will show ETAs to your passenger’s destination, so it will flash ETAs throughout the ride as you are approaching your heading to your passenger’s destination.

How do you get a Lyft Amp?

Check your Amp section of your Lyft drive app. If the Amp is available in your region, it will say that it’s available. Next, you want to complete the ride requirements as stated in that Amp section. My region here in Minneapolis in Saint Paul, it was 250 rides. Once you reach 250 rides in my market, you get an Amp.

If the Amp is available in your region and once you meet the ride requirements as to find in your Lyft driver app, Lyft will then send you an invitation to receive your Amp. After you confirm your shipping address, then Lyft will send you your Amp and it should arrive in about two to three weeks. And your Amp will arrive with a magnetic base and a charging cable. You’ll wanna make sure, before you install that magnetic base on your dash, to completely clean it off and allow it to dry.

Also, I recommend that you use the charging cable that’s sent, it’s a micro USB charging cable, I recommend you use that cable with your Amp. I’ve tried other micro USB cables and they have not worked for me. The Amp does last up to eight hours after every charge.

How to pair your Lyft Amp with your phone

Now let’s dive in and we’ll show you how to pair your Amp with your drive app and we’ll also show you what the Amp looks like from the driver’s perspective and the passenger’s perspective. We’ll demo what a ride looks like.

First we’ll show you how to pair the Amp. I have the screen recording of my phone and I’m also recording the rear side of the Amp in the top right there. We’ll power on the Amp. Then you’ll select your picture in the top left corner. Then you’ll select Amp. Then you’ll select pair my Amp, pair Amp. You’ll need to turn on your bluetooth, pairing, and it’s not paired.

This Amp section in the driver app has a lot of good information to learn about the Amp. You can see how the Amp works. It takes you through a demo of how the Amp actually works. You can look at the installation guide to how to install into your car. And it also has a good troubleshooting section where they answer a few frequently asked questions.

What the Lyft Amp looks like in action

And now we’ll demo a ride request. Here I have a screen recording of the passenger app, as well as the back side of the Amp on the top right there. The passenger will make the ride request. Then the rear side of the Amp will display new ride. And now we’ll show you what the front side of the Amp looks like. The entire time that I navigate to the passenger, that front side will illuminate pink. And as I’m approaching the passenger’s destination, it will change from pink to the color that the app selects.

For this particular ride, the app selected white. As I’m approaching the destination, the color will change to white. The passenger can identify the color as white by there’s a little white dot on our vehicle and the little Amp icon displays as white also. So again, for this ride the app selected white as the color for the Amp.

Let’s take a look at another ride request and see what color the app chooses for that one. It looks like the app chose green this time around. Again, the dot on the car is green, as well as that little Amp icon is green also.

Overall, I think the Amp is pretty awesome. I’ve had mine for nearly a year now. I’ve had many passengers comment and compliment. They love the Amp, especially at night time. It makes it so much easier for them to identify our vehicles. It’s a great emblem overall. I think it’s a great evolution of the emblems that Lyft has created.

One other quick tip is Lyft does say that, that front emblem will replace your windshield trade dress. I personally have not removed that emblem. I’ve kept that on my windshield. Sometimes I drive more than eight hours and the Amp will die on me, the battery will die, so I make sure that I have that emblem still there on the front windshield to identify the vehicle if I’m not able to use my Amp, if it’s not charged fully.

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