What Happens When You Stop Driving For Uber?

Let’s say you don’t have access to your vehicle for whatever reason, or you just want to take a break from driving for Uber and Lyft. What’s next? What happens to you if you stop driving for Uber?

Youtuber Your Driver Mike recorded a good video on this subject, so take a look at his video then check out the video transcript below to see all the points he covers.

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Uber and Lyft are flexible: You can stop when you want

Let’s say it’s been a few weeks, or maybe a month or two, and you’ve stopped driving for Uber and Lyft for whatever reason. What should you expect next? As a independent contractor, you are allowed to stop driving for any of these companies if you would like. There’s no obligation to drive for Uber and Lyft. That’s part of the flexibility of being an independent contractor in rideshare.

Uber and Lyft have analytics on your driving as far as how many hours you typically put in during a week. They generally know what to expect from you as a driver. When they start noticing you’re driving less and less, or you haven’t logged on at all, they’re going to send you incentives to get back on the road. Uber and Lyft will both send you incentives within the app, via text or via email to try to get you back on the road. This may be higher boost earning, guaranteed earnings, other earnings incentives, quests, whatever it may be, just to get you back online.

Consider the incentives that Uber and Lyft send to less active drivers

I do encourage you to take a look at these incentives if you still have some flexibility and you’re considering logging on the system at some point. Some of these incentives may be pretty good. Look for guarantees that are going to give you at least $10 a ride in earnings. Once we get upwards of $10 plus a ride, we really start making more exceptional earnings.

Also, make sure that you’re not just checking in the app, but via text and email from both companies as well, to make sure that you’re getting the highest incentives possible if you are going to go online. Look for ways where you can satisfy both incentives, if possible, whether that be boost zones, guarantees, quests, whatever it may be, that if you are going online, you can maximize your time and ideally qualify for both incentives.

Once you do go for these earnings incentives, and once you complete these incentives, most likely Uber and Lyft are going to give you lower and lower incentives, as they’ve now determined that you’ve gone online and you’re starting to drive. There may be a patter, however, that if you don’t drive frequently and you really drive ride share pretty rarely, you can look for those emails and those text messages to come back in. You can maximize those incentives, and then go online when you determine you’ve received the highest incentives possible.

Let me know in the comments below, what are some of the highest incentives to get you back on the road that you’ve seen from Uber or Lyft? Your Driver Mike here. I do appreciate you watching. Leave a like if you enjoyed the video, subscribe and join your traffic team and I will see you next one.

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