UberEATS Driver App Walkthrough

Today Jon from The Rideshare Guy will be doing a quick demo for you guys showing how to complete UberEATS delivery requests in the Uber app. If you’re already an Uber driver and UberEATS is active in your city, you can start receiving delivery requests by accepting the in-app invite, or by sending a request in to Uber support. If you haven’t signed up to drive, use our referral link to start your UberEATS application. With our referral links, you may be in for a nice sign up bonus.

Take a look at the video to see the EATS walkthrough, then read the video transcript below.

You can select what type of requests you want: Rides, delivery, or both

Once you’ve got your account and your insulated bag, you’re ready to go online and accept deliveries. It’s worth noting that you can contact Uber support staff and ask them to set up different profiles in your account; delivery only, passengers only, and hybrid. That way you can select what type of driving you want to do at any given time. The default is hybrid. You will receive both regular ride requests and food delivery requests. Delivery orders are indicated by the shopping bag icon in the middle of the request notification. Just like any ride request, simply tap the circle to accept.

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Does EATS surge?

One question a lot of drivers have is whether UberEATS orders are subject to surge pricing. Like most Uber things, it depends on where you live. In Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, D.C., and Atlanta, EATS orders are subject to the same surge multipliers as regular Uber rides. Everywhere else, you’ll be paid the same rate regardless of how much it’s surging, for now. Uber may add more cities to the list in the future.

Navigating to your EATS order

Once you’ve accepted a request, you’ll see the name of the restaurant you’ll be picking up from, and the button to start navigating there via your preferred GPS app. You’ll also find buttons to call or text the customer, or cancel the order and have it reassigned to another driver.

When you’ve arrived, tap confirm to see the order. Here, you’ll find out what the customer has ordered as well as an order number. Give this order number to someone at the restaurant to confirm that you’re the right person to pick it up. If the food isn’t ready yet, let Uber know by tapping the button. This helps Uber know how long it takes restaurants to make different dishes, and it helps minimize future wait time for drivers.

If you’ve waited too long and decide you no longer want the order, just tap the X. This will give you various options to cancel the order. The items won’t fit in your car, you’ve waited too long, and so forth. Just select the one that’s most appropriate and you can hit the road again.

When you’ve got the food, tap the check mark and rate your pickup experience at the restaurant, then slide the green bar to start the trip. Now you’re being paid for your time and miles. The rates may be higher or lower than UberX fares depending on where you live.

Tips to help you communicate with your customer

I like to send the customer a friendly text with my ETA as soon as I leave the restaurant. That way the customer knows exactly when to expect you, and you’re likely to get some tips about where to park or how to find the customer. Again, tapping navigate will launch your GPS app of choice and guide you to the destination.

If the pin says “walk in” like it does here, that means you’ll need to deliver the food to their door. You may also see deliveries where the pin says “curbside.” In that case, the customer has agreed to meet you at the curb so you won’t have to leave your car.

As you’re handing off the food, swipe “confirm drop off” and select who you gave the food to. Nine times out of ten it will be the customer, but you may occasionally have to leave the order with a concierge or a staff person.

Don’t forget to check out our complete guide to UberEATS over on therideshareguide.com. Like, subscribe, and feel free to share your own UberEATS knowledge in the comments. Thanks for watching and drive safe.

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