Uber Pro – Driver Rewards Program May Pay You More Money!

Uber announced Uber Pro back in November, but it hasn’t yet reached most markets. It’s a reward program for drivers, and if it hasn’t reached you yet, it’s important to know what it is and how to maximize any benefits from it.

Jay Cradeur from the Rideshare Guy recorded a detailed video about The Uber Pro driver rewards program, so take a look at this video and the transcript of the video below.

What is Uber Pro?

Uber Pro is a system of classifying drivers based on how much you drive and how well you drive. And there are rewards and benefits if you drive more, and you do a better job than other drivers. And stick around, at the end of the video I’m going to share with you what I think is the best feature of the Uber Pro program.

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So hey everybody, this is Jay Cradeur with the Rideshare Guy and today we’re going to talk about Uber Pro. So before we jump right in to Uber Pro, let me tell you what happened. I was privileged that I got to listen to a Uber presentation where they shared with me what the Uber Pro was and why they created this system. And basically Uber feels there’s three areas of concern or critiques that drivers have with being a driver.

Drivers don’t feel recognized – Uber says Uber Pro aims to solve that

Now the first one they said is that drivers don’t feel recognized. And brothers and sisters, I can completely agree with that. We don’t get recognized. As I wrote in the blog post, we are like chattel. We just do our jobs and take our money. But not a lot of recognition. Especially if you do a lot of rides, you’re a full time driver, you’ve got a high rating, not much coming at us. So that was the first thing they said.

The second thing they mentioned was that drivers want to earn more money. And that seems like a no brainer, of course we want to earn more money and if we do a good job, we should earn more than other drivers. In every other sales organization that I’ve ever been a part of, if you did a good job, you got exponentially more money. You were rewarded for your performance.

Third thing, they said that over half the drivers expressed an entrepreneurial spirit, that they have something they want to build. There’s something they want to create, there’s some other business they want to start. And they wanted to create a program that would allow them to support drivers who have those kinds of feelings within them. Those kinds of dreams and visions of their future. So what did they come up with? Well they came up with Uber Pro.

Uber Pro has four levels

Uber Pro is a classification system where you are, there’s four levels to it: Partner, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.

The first is called Partner, so anyone who starts driving for Uber and hasn’t done anything, they’re called a Partner. The next level up is called Gold, then from Gold we go to Platinum and then the highest level is called Diamond. Now the way that you achieve these different levels is based on how much you drive and maintaining a certain rating, and a certain cancellation rate.

And you put those all together and every city’s going to have its own little formula. But suffice it to say, if you drive a lot, and you do a good job, and you don’t cancel on a lot of people, you’re going to be able to get to that highest level. Now based on what level you are, then you get a whole bunch of different rewards.

We’re going to go to a screenshot here and break this down. So you can see here, across the top, Partner, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. And then on the left are the different perks. Uber starts off with what I think is the most important, which is earn up to six percent extra on time and distance rates. Let’s go straight to the Diamond, six percent.

Diamond level adds 6% on time & distance rates

Let’s say you average 1,000 dollars in earnings a week, this means that you would be getting an extra 60 dollars per week. If you’re someone like me who drives full time, and I get about 2,000 a week, that means I’m going to make an extra 120 dollars. Let’s stick with 1,000 dollar per week example. So you’re making an extra 60 dollars and let’s say you drive 50 weeks, that’s an extra 3,000 dollars that Uber is just giving you for doing a good job.

I think that is great. Go down, next it says five percent cash back at gas stations. If you use one of Uber’s debit cards, they can keep track of when you buy gas and every time you buy gas you can get up to five percent off. So you can go to any gas station at all, it doesn’t have to be a specific gas station and get five percent off. If you happen to go to an Exxon or Mobile, you can get up to 6.5 percent.

See trip duration and direction for all trips on Platinum & Diamond levels

Some other things I want to show you is, see it says, “See trip duration and direction.” So if you’re Gold, Platinum or Diamond, right, Gold it will give you that indication on long terms. But Platinum and Diamond will give it to you for all trips. What that basically means is, when you get your ping, it’s going to let you know the trip you’re going to take is say 10 minutes long and it’s heading North. You can immediately determine if that’s a ride that you want to take.

Up until now, it’s been very difficult to know what kind of ride you’re going to get with Uber because you don’t get any information until you start the ride and that’s usually with a passenger in the car which makes canceling rather indelicate at best. So I think this is another really huge benefit and puts them on par with Lyft in being able to see what kind of trip you’re going to be taking before the passenger gets into the car.

Covering education costs could be a big perk

And you’ll see some other things here, priority support. Here it says 100 percent tuition coverage and I’m going to cover that a little bit later. Faster pickups at the airports, so you’ll get priority ranking. So if you are a Diamond driver and you get to the airport and you just dropped somebody off or you’re just in the queue, you will put right to the front of the line.

During the presentation that I heard, Uber was very enthusiastic about this free tuition. They’ve worked out an arrangement with Arizona State University, an accredited university so that people who reach the highest levels which are the Platinum and the Diamond, they can get free tuition. They can take online classes and learn and actually get a degree all on Uber. Just for driving for Uber and maintaining those levels. That’s pretty great. And if you as a driver can’t use that, then you can give that to say a child of yours or a spouse of yours, somebody who’s in your family.

I think that’s a really good idea on Uber’s part and I’ll be really curious to see how many people take them up on that. They also said for about a third of their drivers that English is their second language. Through this ASU program, you can also take English as a Second language and improve your English skills.

What’s the biggest benefit of Uber Pro?

Now before you get too excited about this, there’s going to be eight markets in which this is going to be trialed, tested. So you’ll see those listed on the screen there. And Uber has said that once they work out the bugs, then they plan to as soon as they can roll it out nationally. So I said I’d tell you what I think is the biggest plus, the biggest benefit of this program and I would say it is the money.

To get a six percent increase in your pay for achieving a certain level, I think, is significant. And I think that, for me, really helps to win me over. And there’s a lot of other little things but overall I would say, show me the money. And if you show us the money, drivers will become loyal and stick around. I hope you enjoyed this little evaluation of Uber Pro, I’m curious to hear how everybody likes it once it comes into your market. This is Jay Cradeur with the Rideshare Guy.

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