Why Uber Passenger Comments Can Lead to Temporary Suspensions/Deactivations

Did you know that passenger reports or incidents can actually lead to an Uber driver being suspended? A lot of you probably haven’t heard of this, but it actually happens more than you might think. I want to explain this situation,  and how you can be prepared in case something like this happens to you.

Check out the video, then read the transcript below to see all of the points I cover.

Passenger comments can leave to deactivation

Let’s say a passenger leaves some type of negative comment about something involved in their ride with you. At the end of every ride, passengers get to rate you, and they can leave a comment if they want. In certain cases, passengers can actually leave comments that will trigger Uber to investigate you, the driver, and your account. And when they do this, they’ll suspend your account immediately pending an investigation.

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The reasons that I’ve seen for this are passengers reporting things like erratic driving, intoxicated driving, you not being the person driving, and basically, anything that if it were true, would be really bad. If you were driving around drunk, that’s a really bad thing and Uber should deactivate you. If you have someone else driving, impersonating you, that’s also a pretty serious situation because they haven’t been background checked etc.

Many drivers get reinstated – How to argue your case

I’ve been emailed multiple times from drivers, from my followers, and this has happened to them. In every one of these cases where someone has reported this to me where they were deactivated by Uber because of something a passenger said, it actually turned out that they were eventually reinstated by Uber. And this also happens on Lyft.

A lot of these negative comments are false accusations. Let’s say this happens to you. If it does, stay calm. Uber is going to reach out to you. Sometimes you might even get a phone call from them but typically, it’s over email. They are going to explain that they are temporarily deactivating you because of a passenger comment, and the reason why. Stay calm and explain your side of the story. Be proactive. Explain exactly what happened and explain your side of the story. Make sure that you follow-up within hours or a day because your account is not going to be activated until they look into this and resolve the issue.

I think this is just like another reason why a dash cam is super important because you can use that as evidence if need be. Uber will usually contact you right after something like this gets reported and in fact, instantly. I use the Falcon dash cam. You guys can go check that out if you’re interested but I haven’t really figured out why passengers are falsely reporting or falsely accusing drivers of certain things, but I can imagine why Uber has to investigate these situations. If a passenger reports that you are drunk and then Uber lets you keep driving and then you got into a wreck and someone dies or someone is injured or something really bad happens, Uber would obviously be held liable because they knew about it ahead of time.

I think it’s a lot of passengers just don’t realize what they’re saying. They might be drunk, they don’t realize their intentions. I could totally see a passenger leaving a comment saying something like, “Man, this guy was driving around like he was drunk.” Maybe they just didn’t like the way you were driving and some Uber customer service representative thinks that you are actually drunk because they don’t know how to read a comment. We’ve all dealt with Uber customer service, so that’s definitely a potential situation. Maybe you have a beard now so you don’t look like your picture.

Be prepared, and have a backup plan

There’s all these different sorts of reasons why it could be happening. The important thing though is that you guys are prepared, you understand that if this does happen, you wanna stay on top of it. Stay calm. It makes a lot of sense to have Lyft as a backup if you’re mainly an Uber driver. This is another great reason to have Lyft or another delivery service as a backup because if you get deactivated temporarily with Uber, while you’re working to resolve all this, you obviously wanna still work and make money.

Make sure you go and signup for Lyft or a delivery service or just have some other way of making money and really diversifying so that if a situation like this arises, you guys will be prepared. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Feel free to like, comment, subscribe. I would really like hearing from you guys. So with that, stay tuned for more videos and take care.

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