This Week: $21 Minimum Wage For Uber/Lyft Drivers?

This week in rideshare news – Uber and Lyft promise their drivers a minimum wage of $21 an hour as long as they oppose the AB5. Also, another Uber/Lyft caravan protest takes place, a woman attacks an Uber driver, and an Uber driver was shot and killed during his route.

Cecily:                  Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Cecily and welcome to This Week in Ride Share News.

$21 minimum an hour during a trip – its confusing and I believe many drivers think its a flat $21 rate, its not…

Cecily:                  We have a lot to discuss, so let’s get right to it. First and foremost, if you haven’t heard already a few days ago, both Uber and Lyft have offered a compromise. Coming after the wave of all these protests, there was a caravan from Southern California to Northern California on Monday. Both Uber and Lyft reached out to drivers and simply stated, if you support us in opposing AB5, we will offer a $21 minimum wage. Meaning that the base pay you’ll get per hour will be $21 but you can make more than that.

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Cecily:                  Both companies sent messages to their drivers asking for them to talk legislators out of supporting the bill, AB5. Lyft has also offered other benefits and to hear driver’s complaints. Uber did the same but asked drivers to fill out a petition against AB5.

Cecily:                  The response I’m getting is a mixed bag. But for the most part, many, many, many drivers feel like $21 is not enough. So, curious to see how many drivers are okay with that. I’m sure we’ll have more updates for you guys in the future. The bright side of this is that I see that they’re interested in having a conversation and having a minimum wage in this job is a good thing. Should $21 be that amount? I don’t know, but we definitely are moving in the right direction.

Caravan // Presidential Hopeful – Pete Buttigieg

Cecily:                  Speaking of the caravan this past Monday, one thing I wanted to highlight for folks who who did not follow the coverage is Presidential Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg actually joined the [inaudible] drivers, pledged his allegiance to their cause and spoke to the crowd. Buttigieg addressed the crowd in front of Uber headquarters, where he stated that drivers should receive a living wage, and also should have certain protections like working overtime, sexual harassment and a right to form a union. You also mentioned that drivers should get basic protections like minimum wage, health insurance and paid sick days. If you’re interested in seeing more of the video, click the link in the description.

Uber driver shot in SD

Cecily:                  In a somber note, we have an Uber driver that was shot at in San Diego. Around 11:00 PM earlier this week, a driver said that he was heading on Harbor Drive, driving in front of the Convention Center when someone opened fire hitting his car with either BBs or pellets. The shooting left cracks in his windshield, but the driver wasn’t hurt. The driver says that he saw two to three men dressed in dark clothing firing at his car. Fortunately in this situation, no one was hurt, but we also have to be aware when you’re out there in the world, you’re amongst the general population and includes a lot of crazy people and people who mean to do you harm. So please, please, please keep your eyes peeled.

Cecily:                  Last but not least, we have the what would you do in this case [inaudible] scenario? #zombieapocalypse.

Woman attacks Uber Driver

Cecily:                  Okay. A driver in Atlanta, Yasir Hadi had a run in with a woman. Now, moral of the story #neverjudgeabookbyitscover. #stayinyourcaranddonotdonotleaveyour vehicle. Yasir was dropping off a passenger when a woman approached him and started to vandalize his car, check out the video.

Speaker 2:           Baby, you got to stop. Baby, you got to stop, he’s going to beat your ass.

Cecily:                  How do you talk to crazy people?

Speaker 2:           Oh my god.

Cecily:                  He should have listened to that lady.

Speaker 2:           That’s it.

Cecily:                  Oh my gosh. Get in your car.

Speaker 2:           Don’t hit her though, don’t hit her though. C’mon man, you got it. She biting the shit out of him.

Cecily:                  Okay, so apparently the guy that was recording this stopped recording to help remove her and apparently she bit down even harder. Yasir has a Go Fund Me page because he doesn’t have health insurance and she took a sizable chunk of meat from him. Not funny that Yasir was bit by a rabid woman. That’s not funny at all. Who would even think that someone so tiny and spry would even attack? I mean obviously she’s on something, but what would you do in this case?

Cecily:                  I think you guys can already tell how I feel about it. First of all, with your little bony behind, I wouldn’t have got out the car. I don’t care how small you are. I don’t. You look like you’re a fresh off of crack or on it or something like that. So, we’re not going to engage. I think sometimes that’s where you guys, especially my very manly men think, “Oh, you know what? This nothing. It’s not a big deal.” Well, little people can, might at least, if they still have… Curious about your thoughts and what you would do in this situation. Yasir’s Go Fund Me page is in the description.

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Cecily:                  Peace out. Bye. Have a good weekend.

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