How To Get Free Vehicle Inspections For Uber and Lyft Drivers

Do you want to know how to get a free inspection for Uber and Lyft in half the time? Jay from The Rideshare Guy had to get an inspection, and he figured out a way to get one for free.

Take a look at his video, and stick around until the end where he shares his number one tip to save you time and money getting an inspection.

Basics of the Uber & Lyft vehicle inspection

When you first started driving for Uber or Lyft and Lyft or both, you have to get your car inspected and it’s a 19 point inspection where they check the lights, they check your windshield wipers, they make sure your horn works. They also take a look at your tires and brakes.

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They want to make sure that the car is safe and that you’re going to be able to provide a pleasant, clean driving experience for your passengers.

Option 1: Get a free vehicle inspection at a Hub

There’s three places you can go or three ways that you can get the inspection. One is you could go to a Hub. Both Uber and Lyft have these hubs, which you can find in the help section or they websites. Type in hub or type in inspection locations and you’re going to get a map. Workers perform inspections at Hubs, and they’re free.

Option 2: Pay a mechanic to do the inspection

Both Uber and Lyft provide you with the inspection forms which you can find on their websites. You can bring that with you to a mechanic. Here you’re going to have to pay between $20 and $30 to have it done. So there’s a little bit of a cost associated with this route.

Option 3: Pay for a mobile vehicle inspection

The third option is called a mobile inspection, where somebody would actually come you. Or you can even do these online where you walk around with your phone on Facetime, and they’ll ask you questions then fill out a form for you. Then you can upload it to Uber and Lyft.

Trick: Ask the Hub to fill out a paper form so you can use it for both Uber and Lyft

Lately Uber has begun doing the inspections on an iPad, so it’s all electronic. They do the inspection, shoot it inside your account, and you’re approved just like that. But if you drive for both Uber and Lyft, that’s no good because you want that paper form because you’re going to take that paper form and upload it to Uber and then also upload it to Lyft

That way you’re saving time by not having to go have your car inspected by Lyft. And it’s free because you’re getting it done at one of these hubs, with Uber. So the woman’s walking around and I said, Hey, let me ask you a question.

What happened to the paper? You know what happened to the paper forms? She goes, Oh, do you want a paper form? If you request one, I can do one. I said, yeah, that would be great.

That’s my number one tip. Ask at the hub to get a paper form, because if you get the paper form then it’s a simple process to go to the apps and upload that document to both Uber and Lyft. It takes a day or two to get it approved.

How to upload vehicle inspection documents

Let me show you how you upload the documents using both apps. Let’s go through each of the two apps and I’ll show you how you can upload the documents really simply.

In the Lyft Driver app, click on your little picture in the upper left hand corner and then you’re going to click on documents and it’s going to be the documents for your car. My document has been already uploaded, but this is the page where you would then hold the camera over your document and take a picture and upload it and then a way to day and they’ll say it’s been approved.

For Uber, go to the Uber Driver app. And you are once again going to click on your picture of this with Uber. It’s on the right hand side, upper right hand corner, and you’re going to click on account and you’re going to click on documents and you’re going to go down to where it says vehicle inspection.

How to prepare for your vehicle inspections

Let me give you one last tip, and that is how to prepare for your inspection so you don’t fail and have to go out and fix something. Last year my windshield wiper was kind of worn out and they failed me. So I had to go out to an autoparts store, buy a new blade, put it on, and then go back. Make sure your tires are in good shape. Make sure your brakes are in good shape, make sure all your lights are working and and you should have no problem passing a summary.

If you see someone doing the inspection and they’re doing it on an iPad, ask for the paper. Then once you got the paper and it’s all filled out, upload it to both services, and you’re getting two free inspections done in half the time.

This is Jay Cradeur with The Rideshare Guy. Be safe out there!

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