Uber – Do Long or Short Rides Make More Money?

There’s a key driving strategy that’s important to discuss: The distinction between long rides and short rides. Which ride type is more profitable?

Take look at Jay’s video, then scroll to the video transcript if you’d like to read the points he covered in the video. And stick around at the end of the video, I’m going to share with you the number one strategy I have so that you can get more long rides, and really maximize the amount of money that you make.

Hey everybody, this is Jay Cradeur, and since I started driving over two and half years ago, I’m going to show you this graphic here, I’ve got almost 21,000 rides under my belt. My focus has been getting as many rides as possible, because I was able to use those rides, a lot of short rides, to get the bonuses. All the bonuses are based on how may rides you can get within a week.

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Then, earlier this year, actually in December of last year, I got deactivated by Uber. So I used to get a lot of bonuses through Uber, but then I got deactivated for six weeks due to a technical glitch. And that changed everything about the way that I thought about driving.

When is it better to do short rides?

When is the best time to do short rides? If you’re working toward a bonus, you wanna get short rides in, because with the short rides you can get closer to your bonus. Even right now during the week in which I made $2000, I’ll make about $1600 driving and then another $400 in terms of a bonus.Bonuses are very important. That’s 20% of the amount of money that I make.

So when do you want to do the short rides? You want to do the short rides when people are more inclined to do shared rides with Lyft and with Uber Pool. Because then you can do a ride, but you may have two or three passengers, so they count as two or three rides. You want to do those rides during rush hour. That’s when you are going to catch those people. And that’s in the mornings, typically from about seven till ten. And then the afternoons from four till about seven.

When long rides are more profitable

All the rest of the time, this is the time you want to do the long rides. Now the long rides are really going to pay you much more in terms of the amount of money you can earn per hour. I’ve done the math, when you’re sitting in traffic, you’re making about $10 per hour. When you’re zooming down the freeway, you’re making about $70 per hour. So it’s a significant difference. When you have the opportunity to do the long rides, you absolutely want to take them.

My technique to get long rides

I want to share right now is the number one technique that I use to get long rides. And that is using the destination filter. I’m going to put a graphic up here, and I’m going to walk you through it.

In San Francisco you can see, I can start up in San Francisco and use my destination filter. I will set it for San Jose, down here. And then I will only get rides that are into that direction. And when I get to San Jose, I will set the destination filter back up to San Francisco. Now sometimes I may get taken to the airport. In which case, I’m going to get a long ride. So I’ll turn the destination filter off, and just see where I go.

Oftentimes, I’ll go south, sometimes I’ll go up across the bridge, and you go over here, so that’s another location. This is the Oakland/Berkeley area. Or oftentimes I get sent over here, which is over in the Fremont area. And then what I’ll do, from here, I’ll set the destination back to San Francisco. And try and get a ride back. And from here, and I’ll try and get a ride back.

The destination filter is extremely valuable, extremely valuable. And with Lyft, you have six of them, and with Uber you have two.

So by using the destination filter, you’ll spend more of your time driving at 70 miles per hour, making $70 per hour, instead of sitting in traffic only making $10.

Thanks for watching, I hope you found this valuable. And you realize that there’s an important distinction to be made between short rides and long rides. And there’s a time to go out and get the short rides, and a time to go out and get the long rides. And use that destination filter to get more long rides during the times when there’s less traffic.

And if you haven’t signed up for this YouTube channel, by all means go for it. It’s great. You’re going to get a lot of information if you’re a driver, for Uber or Lyft. Absolutely check it out. Go out and have a great day!


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