Uber Instant Pay Blocked Because a Rider Had Insufficient Funds?!

Uber offers a cool feature for drivers called Instant Pay. With Instant Pay, you can cash out your earnings instantly up to five times a day. But have you ever run into an issue where your previous passengers have yet to pay for the rides and your Instant Pay request has been denied? This seems ludicrous, but this actually happened to one of our readers.

Check out the video below to see what happened, and what you can expect from Instant Pay.

Blocked from Uber Instant Pay?!

This particular driver tried to cash out using instant pay one day and the driver app would not allow them to. They then sent a support inquiry to Uber to figure out to try and figure out what was happening. Uber responded and wrote, “It appears that you currently don’t have access to Instant Pay because there are a high number of trips that have not been paid for by riders. You will automatically be able to cash out again once you take more trips that riders pay for. Your Instant Pay access should resume again as soon as these unpaid trips balance out.”

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As you have more paid trips on your profile than unpaid trips, you’ll be able to cash out. Quite frankly, this is ridiculous. Even if a passenger cannot pay for a ride after the fact, they should never have been allowed to request the ride in the first place.

As drivers for Uber, we should be able to drive with the peace of mind knowing that every ride requests that we accept is going to be paid for and if a passenger door has insufficient funds, Uber still needs to ensure that we as drivers are getting paid for that ride. And the only possible reasoning that I can think of Uber giving this reason in their response to this is that maybe they’re possibly trying to detect fraud on the driver.

But what if a passenger doesn’t have insufficient funds in their account? Then what happens? I’ve heard multiple times from passengers. They, they’ll ask how much a is ride going to cost because they just deposited money into their accounts and for passengers that do overdraft on their a checking account, a hold is placed on their Uber account until payment is reconciled.

This is Uber’s problem, not ours!

This should never, never be a concern of drivers. Uber should always be the only one concerned with this. We should get paid for every ride that we give, every mile that we drive, and every minute that we drive. And for this particular situation, where this driver must have had a bunch of passengers that either had overdrafts or were unable to pay for the rides, his should not have been his concern whatsoever.

He gave the rides on Uber’s platform and Uber should have compensated him until they received payment from those those passengers. It should have not been his concern at all. Instant Pay should not have been shut off at all. And again, the only reason that Uber could have possibly had for this response is, is fraud detection on the driver’s side.

Hopefully this is the one-off situation, because this is a terrible look for Uber. If any of you run into this is Instant Pay issue where your passengers haven’t paid for rides, comment below and let us know. Thanks again for watching!

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