The End of the Uber/Fair Car Rental Weekly Program. Now What?

Say goodbye to the Fair for Uber car program, the car rental program. The weekly rental where you could rent the car and then if you hit a certain number of rides, you got a really fat bonus which covered your payment.

I’m going to share with you details about why the program is over, and also share with you a lot of options that you have, so if you need to get a car today, you can get a car today. And stick around, at the end of the video I’m going to share with you what is the most important factor in determining where you should get your car.

My Experience With Fair


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So number one, my experience with Fair. So when I started back in 2016 I realized I wanted to be a full-time driver and it made the most sense for me to lease a car. Because with the lease I could get a lease with a company called Xchange Leasing, which offered unlimited miles and I thought that really made sense.

So I got out a spreadsheet, I estimated how many miles I drive, how much that would depreciate the car, and leasing a car made so much more sense than buying my own car. I got that beautiful 2013 Toyota Prius and the three years came and went. I put over 250,000 miles on that car, just drove it into the ground. Then a company came and they picked it up at the end of the lease.

At that point I went with the Fair for Uber car rental program because I got unlimited miles. Insurance was included and it was about $200 per week. But if I drove a certain number of miles, I could get $185 bonus, which basically meant my car would be paid for. So I did that for a couple of months. Then I decided to move into like part-time driving and that’s what I bought this car, which I’m in right now.

What Happened? Insurance Costs!

There have been a bunch of articles saying that Fair is no longer offering the weekly car rental program. And what they’re saying the reason why is the insurance companies are charging them much more. The insurance companies are wising up and they’re realizing that rideshare drivers are a much greater risk.

They’re charging much higher premiums, which makes sense because normal people don’t drive 1,500, 2,000 to 2,500 miles in a week. So with those premiums going up, Fair determined that the price that they would have to charge would not make sense and most drivers wouldn’t participate in the program, so they just ended the program.

What Are Your Options Now That Fair is Gone?

I went the Uber website and what did I find? Fair is no longer listed there. They took Fair off the vendor list and what we see instead is Hertz. You can rent a car from Hertz for $214 a week plus taxes. Getaround, all right, so that’s available in San Francisco. And then Avis. And then you can also just use a Getaround car on an hourly basis. So those are the options that Uber lists on their website.

Check out Our Vehicle Marketplace

At The Rideshare Guy Vehicle Marketplace, we list 12 different options that are available to you now. It’s a really useful resource because as you scroll down, you’ll see we list 12 different options for Uber and Lyft drivers. The list includes:

  • HyreCar
  • Rideshare Rental
  • Maven Gig
  • Lyft Express Drive
  • Hertz
  • Getaround
  • A service in LA called Launch Mobility
  • A service in LA called Waive Work

We also make a few car recommendations based on our surveys. So a lot of just really great information here that you can get and all you need to do here is go to and we’ll put a link below this video.

The Most Important Factor When You Consider Your Vehicle Options

The biggest factor is: Are you going to be a full-time driver or part-time driver? In my case, I’m a full-time driver and I put on a lot of miles. So now that case, I got to really take into account depreciation. And that’s why for the first three years of my career I leased a car that had unlimited miles worked into the program.

Now that I’m a part-time driver, I bought a car because I only drive on the weekends and I don’t put a ton of miles on my car. And this way I can put equity into a car and I’ll have the car once I’ve made all my payments. And it’s worked out really, really well. So the key factor is, are you going to full-time or part-time? Full-time, you should really look at the lease or the rental market. Part-time, just get your own car.

Key Takeaways

There’s an old saying that the only thing that’s consistent is change. We’ve seen something change, and that is the Fair for Uber car rental program is the weekly program. The weekly program where you can get the car by the week is now gone. Fair says in some of the news articles that they’re still going to offer a monthly program although I did not see that listed on Uber.

We’re going to have to wait and we can provide you with an update when that program becomes available. Are you a full-time driver or part-time driver? My strong recommendation is just go to our vehicle marketplace, check out the different companies like HyreCar that are available and I’m sure you’ll find an option that works best for you.

This is Jay Cradeur saying thank you so much for watching, we really appreciate your eyeballs on our videos. We want drivers to prosper and to also get to work on your plan B. Y’all go out and have a great day and be safe out there.

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