5 Reasons Why UberEats is Better Than UberX

When it comes to Uber, which one do you prefer, food or people? For Elijah with The Rideshare Guy, Uber Eats is better than UberX. If you think that’s bad or controversial you want to stick around and figure out why he thinks so!

Take a look at Elijah’s video below, then scroll to the video transcript to read the points he covers.

Is Uber X Better Than Uber Eats?

Now me personally, I say Uber eats is better. I make a little more money with Uber X, but there are five reasons that make me set the app to deliveries only.

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Uber Eats Is Easier On Your Vehicle

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person that really takes pride in like having nice seats and everything looking as if I just drove off the car lot. That starts to deteriorate the more you do a rideshare because more people are sitting on your seats. This is something we don’t often think about, but unless you have family, or like every single day your friends are going out on the town and they’re riding in your vehicle, your seats actually remain new for the most part, even years after you’ve gotten the vehicle.

If you’re like me you kind of see your cars in extension of yourself, it hurts my heart that these seats are losing their value based on them being used.

I also drive less mileage when I do Eats. I mean, I’ve compared the days in my Stride app, and I drive a considerably less mileage on Eats-only days.

Uber Eats Is More Predictable

I’ve never had a situation where someone ordered McDonald’s 30 miles away! The restaurants on Uber Eats are predictable and give you short, medium, and long trips. So if you know a particular restaurant can go four miles or six miles versus another one that tends to go two, three miles, you can kind of decide if you want to take the request or not.

This really makes it easy to plan your day if you have other things going on aside from a driving. A personal example is I had an appointment that I had to make, so I decided to switch to deliveries. I switched over to deliveries, got a delivery, and it kept me in the general area. Then it was time to head to the appointment.

I couldn’t have done that with Uber X, because there’s a chance that they’re going around the corner, but there’s also a chance that they’re going to another state.

It’s Just You, the Food, and the Car

When you’re doing Uber X you’re going to encounter a variety of personalities. When there is someone in the car, you want to abstain from doing anything that’s going to upset them, because you don’t want to get rated down, or get reported. And there are small things that can upset them.

That social dynamic isn’t really in the car when it’s just food. Now, I actually like talking to people, but I also like my music, so if it’s just me and the food in the car regardless of what customers deem likable or not I can listen to whatever the heck I want, which is a huge bonus. But the biggest thing I love about just having me in the food in the car is I’m actually free to listen to audio books.

One thing I’m a pretty a big on is actually investing in the stock market and I gained a lot of knowledge that gave me the foundation to do this just from driving from Uber Eats. I will listen to audio books and YouTube videos on how to invest in dividend stocks, growth stocks, and over the course of three or four months I had gained enough information to actually start investing. So it’s like Uber Eats is paying for my education, but not in a tuition way.

I’m Available to Talk During Deliveries

If it’s just me and the food in the car I can talk to whoever whenever I want. And that’s a big plus, because a lot of times people would call me when I’m Ubering, but they wouldn’t call me when I’m sitting at home, maybe watching Netflix, but they would call me when I’m Ubering and I would always have to decline the call because I couldn’t talk then.

On Eats I can take the call, and if I wanted to I could talk to him for an hour or two. I have a friend that also does Uber Eats and we talk about all kinds of stuff, usually for whole shifts. It really makes it easier to actually talk to people on their schedule, because I do have family members I want to talk to on a regular basis, but our schedules would always be bumping heads.

If I’m doing Uber eats, hey, there’s nothing stopping me from talking so we can catch up.

Delivering Is Better for You, Physically

When I had my first full time day of driving UberX, I got back home and got out of the car and my lower back was screaming at me. The same thing would happen every time I had a full time day on Uber X.

Keep in mind that this can be mitigated if you get out the car every hour or two and stretch, but with Uber Eats it’s kind of integrated into what you’re already doing. You’re not going to be sitting in the same spot for hours at a time. You have to get up, go get the food at the restaurant, and in a lot of cases you got to get out, and deliver the food to the customer.

All this keeps you moving and can be a little form of exercise for some people. At the very minimum it’s keeping you moving, so you’re not just in one spot all day.

I would get home after a full day of Uber Eats and it didn’t even feel like I Ubered that day because I was always getting up, going to restaurants, going to customers’ doors. It really stopped that whole lower back problem from even happening.

What Do You Prefer? Rideshare or Deliver?

I’d love to hear your comments below. Have you tried Uber Eats before? If so, what was your experience like? Do you personally prefer Uber X over Eats, or does Eats have a few more things going for it?

This is Elijah with the Rideshare Guy. Safe and profitable driving everyone!



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