Should Uber Drivers Ask For Tips?

Tipping has always been a sensitive subject for rideshare drivers. Before Uber added the tipping option, we either had to find a way to bring it up, leave out a tipping box, or not bring it up at all and hope for the best. And even on Lyft, which has always had a tipping option, tipping has always been an awkward topic to navigate.

Your Driver Mike made a solid Youtube video that discusses the tipping issue, and gives you five ways to ask for tips if you choose to do so. Check out Mike’s video, and read the video transcript below to see all the points he makes.

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The age-old question in ride share is should drivers ask for tips? Let me know where you stand in this argument in the comments below. If you’ve decided you would like to ask your passengers for tips, this video is going to give you five ways to correctly do this.

Summarize the good things that happened

Summarize all the positives that happened during the ride. You’re going to say, “Hey, I really enjoyed the ride. It was really nice talking to you. We talked about so many great points,” and you want to list the examples here of commonalities you had during the ride. Not only are you going to cite the commonalities that you talked about, but mention key specifics in those conversations. Tell your passenger, “Hey, I really appreciated your piece of advice on that new restaurant. I’m definitely going to check it out.” You may also summarize any compliments that they gave you as a driver. After all these summary points, you can say, “And I’d really appreciate if you would like to leave a tip, and you can do so after you rate me as a driver.”

Ask an enthusiastic passenger

The enthusiasm ask is to simply comment on their enthusiasm and then ask for a tip. Here you will say, “Hey, I really appreciate your enthusiasm during this ride. Feel free to leave a tip after you rate me as a driver.” This is a subtle reward to your passenger, letting them know that you really appreciated their company and their enthusiasm during the ride.

A request for help

Our third ask is the helping request. This is another short ask, but it really highlights the need for individuals to want to help others. Here you’re going to say, “Hey, you can tip me at the end of the ride if you’d like. Those tips really go to helping me out a whole lot as a driver.”

Share your own feelings

Use, the feel, felt, found ask whenever you’re getting a little bit of resistance or questions about tipping. Here you’re going to say, “Hey, I understand how you feel about tipping. I have felt the same way when I have to tip. I’m always not sure how much to tip or when to tip, but I have found that when I do, it always makes me feel great.”

The ‘either way’ ask

You’re going to execute this ask by being casual, yet friendly. Here you’re going to say, “It’s really fine either way. Honestly, it would really make my day, but I’ll leave it up to you.” Here you’re giving the power and control over to your passenger and making sure they don’t feel pressured. Here you’re extending time for your passengers and letting them know that they can tip whenever they like. Understandably, you may not want to use this appeal if you want to be a little bit more direct when asking for a tip.

I hope these five strategies really helped you out when learning how to correctly ask for tips. Any other strategies that we may have left out in this video, post them below in the comments section. I do appreciate you watching. Leave a like if you enjoyed the video, subscribe to join Your Driver team, and I will see you in the next one.

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