This Week: Uber Driver Caught Giving Himself a 5 Star Rating and $100 Tip!

This week in rideshare news: An uber eats delivery driver gets caught eating a customer’s food, a driver gives himself a tip and 5-star rating, and a man attacks an uber driver.


Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Cecily. I’m on location. I’m filming a movie, but I’ve got the news for you so don’t worry. Here it goes. Okay.

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A driver gives himself a tip and a five star rating. Shocking statistics show that most Uber eats drivers sample food and an Uber driver complaints about a another Uber driver that didn’t tip her. It’s this week in rideshare news.

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Cecily and I was reading the news today.

Judge commutes sentence of Atlanta man who choked DoorDash driver with head scarf

A man who attacked and delivery driver was set free a couple of weeks ago after having time. Who’s the one I want to share the story with you is because there’s something that we can learn from this. A guy named Rick Painter from Atlanta was expecting a delivery. She was wearing a headscarf that Muslim women wear to cover their head and she said that once he stood behind her, he took her headscarf and tried to choke her and told her that he was Jesus and that he was trying to help her. We know that Jesus wouldn’t do that. The young lady fought him off and he looks a mess. Look in his face. She did really good by disabling this man and getting away from him. That’s not the news hear from me. The news here for me is that this person asked her to go into his home and to put the food on the counter and then proceeded to attacking her.

It is an absolute no, an absolute no. You do not go into someone’s house at all. Is it not your job to do that? Once you step into someone’s home, anything can happen. It’s not worth the money. So I don’t, I don’t know why she did it. Happy that she’s okay, but my gosh, that’s scary. Over the past few days, there have been multiple articles released, basically saying that delivery drivers, at least 30% of delivery drivers and the statistics have been different across each article, have munched on some customers food. Now they derive these ridiculous statistics from a study that was done supposedly for 500 delivery drivers asking them if they’ve helped themselves to their customers. Food. Number one, fake news. Number two, how are you gonna judge millions of drivers against 500 people? Where are these 500 people at? I wasn’t asked when you asked any questions about this.

I think it’s bogus and I think it’s bias. I’m also a person that uses Uber Eats, Doordash. Seamless never Postmates cause it’s too expensive. But I use all of those things and when my food arrives it is tied up. It’s usually tied up. I, there’s never a time really where I’ve received anything where it was open, where you can reach in, hey grab anything. And it pisses me off because the media sensationalizes so much and they just really look for the bad. It comes to Gig economy. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know who decided. Let’s shine a negative light on millions of people who are just trying to make a honest dollar. Like I don’t get that. I get all the Weirdos that are out there that are abusing passengers and hurting people and all that kind of stuff.

These people were criminals in their regular life. Trust me. But just this whole painting, this picture that all that your delivery driver is eating your food, like isolated incidences, you know, isolated incidences. It’s not happening. It’s not running rapids. They’re not a delivery. Drivers are out here sampling on your fries. What’s our fries? You can buy some freaking fries, fries because like two, $3 anyway, I’m really pissed about that. There are multiple articles. I will link a few of them below, but how dare you? How dare you, AOL, how dare you, NPR, how? How dare you today show all of you suck for even running this story. It’s bullshit. Sorry guys. It’s bullshit.

Uber Driver Gives Himself Five Stars And $100 Tip

Speaking of criminals and Uber driver was caught giving himself a five star rating and $100 tip. What’s going on guys? We’re just people who are going to be criminals no matter what.

You know what I’m saying? They just make dumb decisions. A driver in New Jersey asked his passenger for the phone because he said he wants to make a route change. She said he did something really quick and the next thing she knew is that he closed the ride, gave himself $100 tip. Did he really think they, no one was going to find out like it’s not for you. It’s not for me. This is funny because neither one of us guys would do anything so stupid. We wouldn’t please know that is very, very easy to get caught. It’s just a silly thing to do. I just don’t know what people are thinking. Why would he even think to do something so dumb? You must must’ve gotten away with it.

Question. If you had access to a pax, his phone, what’d you give yourself a tip or a good rating? Let me know in the comments.

What Would You Do?

And now for my favorite segment, you guys know where it is is what would you do? It’s short and sweet, but it’s definitely something I’ve dealt with and I’m curious about how you guys feel. So true story picked up another Lyft, an Uber driver last night for a ride home from the bar talk the entire trip about driving. And telling stories. No tip. I don’t normally ever have anything to say about tips because I do pretty well where I am and get tipped in the app 75% of the time. Not Bad a, but I’ve just shot another driver. Didn’t tip. There are 30 comments here. A lot of folks have stuff to say and I’m a be 100 honest with you. I had been on both sides of the coin. I guess what? I’ve been the driver in the car talking to another driver and I didn’t tip anyone know why? Cause I didn’t have the money. I didn’t have the money to do it. Simple. I just don’t hold it against other drivers when they don’t tip me.

I just don’t, if I have it, I’m going to give it to you. And if I don’t, I can’t. And there’s no, and it’s because I didn’t have it. I didn’t have the money. I’m driving a car to make extra money so you can say, oh, you know you should have a dollar too. Okay, count my money. I’m using my money for stuff. I don’t think you should take it personal. I really don’t think you should take it personal. If you’re picking up other drivers and they don’t tip you or you don’t know what their financial situations are, I mean having to use your own vehicle to do this kind of work. It’s not that easy. It’s easy in a sense that it doesn’t require for you to be like a, you know, a rocket scientist, but it’s not easy for you to get yourself in your car and do this kind of work and deal with the general public as sometimes then to receive the pay that you’re not necessarily happy with.

Not every single ride is a stellar ride. The two dollarize rise, $3 rides. Who’s got the time? Who’s got the time to be giving money away? I mean, again, you can find fault with everything I’m saying, but the bottom line, I think that that person probably didn’t tip because they didn’t have it and I’m not going to get mad about it. And what are your thoughts about this letter? Do you think that she should be upset? If you were riding in her car, would you have tipped her? Let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for watching my segments every single week. I enjoy bringing this news to you. I literally am in this car talking to myself. So it’s like, does anybody care about what I’m saying? So your feedback and your engagement is really, really important because it lets me know that I’m on the right track and or lets me know that you guys are actually listening and care about the news that I bring to you every week. So I really do appreciate you that in that regard. So always, always, always liked the video. If you liked the video and leave a comment for me because I definitely will answer. Appreciate you guys. If you guys aren’t following Harry The Rideshare Guy, please do so right now. There’s a subscribe button below and if you’re curious about who I am and what I do, my name is Cecily and I have a channel called Drive Girl Drive. You can contact me on Youtube or Facebook. Peace out.


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