Uber Deactivated Me For Uploading My Insurance Documents Early

Today I’ve got a quick story about my latest Uber deactivation. It wasn’t a true deactivation, but basically what happened was I uploaded some of my insurance documents early for my car and I got deactivated!

Uber told me to update my documents

Taking it back one step further, I got a notice the other day that said, “Hey, Harry, your insurance is expiring in a couple weeks. Please replace it on your partner dashboard.” So I went in, printed out my new insurance card and uploaded my documents to Uber on partners.uber.com and the next day I went to log in and drive and I couldn’t get online.

What happened was Uber sends out the notice for you to upload your new insurance documents. Let’s say on January 1st your insurance is going to expire. Uber will send out a notice some time in December saying, “Hey, you need to upload your new insurance documents. It’s about to expire.” You might see a little red dot on your app or a little red square on that online dashboard or something red basically.

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Uber’s system can’t handle small insurance gaps

That means that one of your documents is about to expire. So obviously me being the good driver that I am, I proactively went, I printed out my new insurance card, took a picture with my phone, got it on my computer, uploaded it to Uber, and that was that. The problem though is that with insurance cards, they usually run in six-month intervals. So for example, in this case, let’s say your insurance is going to expire on December 31st, it’ll say from May 31st to December 31st. A six-month period. I hope that’s six months. Maybe that’s seven months, I don’t know.

But it’s a six-month period ending on December 31st. Your next insurance card though won’t be valid until January 1st to June 1st. So that’s another six-month period. So that’s where it’s a little bit sticky and you guys have to be a little bit careful because basically if you upload that new insurance card, you actually do not have valid insurance for that last week of the year or that last two weeks of the year.

This seems like a pretty stupid thing actually, but a couple of readers have emailed me about this and I was thinking to myself, “Oh man, I can’t believe that this happened to me before.” This happened to me and it has also happened to some readers so I decided to make a video about it but it is kind of ridiculous that a company with 400,000 drivers still hasn’t figured this out yet.

The solution:Scan your old and new insurance card side-by-side

There’s a pretty easy solution. What I did was I took my two insurance cards and scanned them in so that they were side by side, and then that is the document that I uploaded. So from now on whenever any of my insurance documents or anything like that are set to expire, I basically just scan both of them together, the old one and the new one, upload it to my partner’s account. So then when you log in to your partners account, you’ll see when they put that new document in, it will also have your old card and your new card, so there won’t be any time where you ever don’t have insurance according to them basically.

If that’s not working for you, you can also mail both of your cards together to [email protected] and they should be able to do it for you, although I don’t know if I would trust them. I would probably just do it myself. Like I said I think there’s a little bit of a ridiculous problem to have but luckily there’s an easy fix. You guys can just take care of this yourself. Now, if Uber is watching, they should probably fix this ASAP because I imagine that every single driver is running into this problem at some point and you could fix it pretty easily actually just by having two slots on the partner dashboard, one for your old insurance card and one for your new card.

When you get that notice that your insurance card is about to expire, all you have to do is go and upload your new insurance card into the new slot. So basically it’s like two slots, giving the same thing as copying the PDF. Because as of right now, the drivers who are like me who are taking the proactive approach are getting punished, right? So unless you do something like I was saying and you go and upload your doc early, you might actually get deactivated.

Obviously it’s only a temporary, maybe one day or even a couple hours until they figure it out. But for me I wanted to go out and drive and I couldn’t do it, so I had to go do Lyft and maybe a couple other apps. It’s not the worst problem in the world but it’s something you guys want to stay on top of. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. If this happened to you, let me know how you guys fixed it. Is there a better way, a worse way, or has this not been much of a problem for you? Feel free to subscribe to the channel. If you have any questions leave a comment below. Look forward to hearing from you, guys. Take care.

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