Why Is Uber Asking Me For My Lyft Pay Statement?

Why would Uber ask you for your Lyft Pay Statements? It’s a bit of a funny topic, but I know that many of you have gotten an email from Uber at some point offering you $10 to share a a pay stub from another Rideshare company. There is really only one other Rideshare company, so obviously they’re talking about Lyft. Why would they ask for this?

Personally, I’ve never done it because I think my information is worth a lot more than $10. But I decided to look into it anyways because a lot of you guys were asking me about it. It’s your personal information, and it seems odd that Uber would ask for it, so I set out to figure out what was really going on.

Check out the video, then read the transcript below!

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From what I can tell, Uber is mainly looking to gather info on how much you are driving for Lyft and how much you are making. There are a million different things that they can do with it. It seems like very valuable information: How much you are driving for Lyft, how much you’re making with Lyft, how much you are getting in tips, things like that. I think the reasons why they actually want it are actually pretty clear: It benefits them.  That’s why I personally feel that they should be paying a lot more than $10. Maybe $20, $30, $40, $50 or even $100 for that type of information!

Uber is very curious about what Lyft is up to

One thing I have noticed though about Uber, just from talking with Uber employees whether it’s office hours or the few that I have met person, is that they’re pretty concerned with their competitors, mainly Lyft. Even though Uber is ten times the size of Lyft, they really still wanna know what Lyft is doing. It seems like they wanna know why you would be driving for Lyft instead of Uber. It’s like a foreign concept to them, and so they are always very inquisitive about why drivers would like Lyft, and how much they are making with Lyft.

I think that’s definitely one thing that has really stood out to me just from Uber employees in general. If I was Uber, I would probably be doing the same thing. I’d be asking for pay statements from my competitors, I’d be going out and driving for them, talking to their drivers and just comparing things, like how many hours you worked on Lyft and how does it compare to Uber? You want as many drivers on your platform, and if you have a bunch of drivers on Lyft that you can bring to Uber, that’s probably gonna be something that they want to do. So I think a lot of that information is gonna be super telling. That’s probably the main reason why they want your pay stub, and why they send you the offer multiple times and offer to pay you $10. I think if you can try, you should try to hold out for more, email them back and say you want more money. It’s kind of a matter of whether you are willing to give up your information for 10 bucks. I don’t think that’s worth it. I think it’s worth a little bit more.

Maybe there’s a legal reason?

A few readers actually reached out to me and they said that they though it might be so that Uber can go and show a judge that drivers do drive for other services, and maybe that would not allow them from forming a class or somehow help Uber’s case in any type of future potential lawsuit. I did some research into this because one of ladies who sued Uber actually ended up winning and getting reimbursed. One of her criteria for saying she was an employee because she drove exclusively for Uber. So it might be to eliminate people from the class. I don’t think it is, but it also wouldn’t surprise me at the end of the day if that’s what it was for. If you are trying to get some type of reimbursement or think that you should be an employee in the future, that’s one thing you would wanna watch out for and maybe not do this.

I sent my Lyft info — Here’s what happened

I got one of these emails, and I followed the directions and made sure that I read it carefully. All I had to do was to submit a pay statement, and I had just driven for Lyft, so I had a Pay Statement ready to go that fell within their guidelines. They probably don’t want pay statement for nine months ago, they probably want a recent pay statement usually. So I made sure that I followed the guidelines and I took a screenshot of my Pay Statement and my name and everything from Lyft and I sent it in to Uber. Then a month later, I went to check on it and so I review the last four or five pay statements, and no $10 credit. I was thinking to myself, “What the heck man?”

I had a feeling this might happen. They make you fill out this janky Google Docs form which I think is always funny when you have a $60 billion company using Google Docs, which is the same thing that I use for a lot of my stuff. The whole process in general seemed very amateur. When I was filling this out, I was like, “Man I don’t know if I’m gonna get paid from this.” I took a screenshot. so I knew that if there were any problems I would be able to send this in to Uber and hopefully get my 10 bucks because hey, if I’m gonna do it, I might as well get my 10 bucks. I sent a quick email to [email protected], and they quickly got back to me and said, “Oops. Sorry we’ll add your $10.” No reason why they didn’t pay me or anything like that and I really think it was worth the hassle following up.

If you do it, take a screenshot so you can prove it to Uber

I eventually got paid, about a month and a half after I filled out the form. I you are gonna do this just make sure that you screenshot everything and follow up with them. Set a calendar reminder to follow up with them. Personally I don’t think it’s really worth it for 10 bucks, and if you guys are on the fence about doing this, I probably wouldn’t do it. If anything I would email them back and say, “Hey. For a hundred bucks I will show you all my pay statements that you want,” or whatever you think it fair. So hopefully they will start offering more and make it worth your time.

If you guys have any questions, if you have tried this out yourself, definitely leave a comment below and feel free to like, comment and subscribe on my channel. Take care!

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