Top 5 Ways To Contact Uber Support

There are now more ways than ever to contact Uber, and by utilizing one of these methods, you should be able to get a timely answer to any question you may have. I’m Joe, here with The Rideshare Guy, and today we’re going to discuss the top five ways to contact Uber Support.


Contact Uber through the driver app

First, the best way to contact Uber is through the Driver App. If you’re having issues with your account or you have questions or issues with a fare or you just have questions that you can’t find answers via the Uber Support website, by utilizing that in-app support, you should be able to get timely answers to most issues and questions.

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There are many ways to get support through the Uber Driver App. For example, in-app support is great for simple issues like fare adjustments or reporting a cleaning fee, and Uber seems to be putting a lot more energy and resources into the help section of the app. So definitely play around with the menus and go through all the options.

Demonstrating a few ways to contact Uber inside the driver app

Here’s an example of what to do if you’re unable to go online. You’ll select Account in the bottom right there, and you’ll select Help. Then you’ll select Account and Payment. Then at the top you’ll see “I can’t sign in or go online.” Then there’s that second one, “I am unable to go online,” and in there you’ll see reasons for why you may not be able to go online.

Here’s a look at some screenshots of the new Driver App that should be rolling out in the next couple of months. In order to get support with the new app, you’ll just select your picture in the top right corner. Then you’ll select Help on the next page in the top right corner and that’s where the help section will be.

Contact Uber via

Next, you can contact Uber via their support website, and that’s located at Uber does have a pretty robust help section online, although it does have a lot of the functionality as the drive app. So if you do prefer the app, you’re not missing out on a whole lot. One thing you’ll want to remember to do when visiting the site is if you have drive-specific questions, you’re going to want to go to the For Partners section.

Contact Uber via Twitter and Facebook

The next option is to contact them through social media. You can go to their Facebook page and ask them a question there, or you can contact them via Twitter. On Twitter, you could tweet them @Uber_Support or you could also direct message that account. On Facebook, you can either leave a public comment, or you could just use Facebook Messenger,  and Twitter and Facebook are good methods to utilize because you can comment publicly. This encourages Uber to answer both promptly and completely.

Contact Uber in person at a hub

Moving on, your fourth method of contacting Uber is in person at a local Greenlight Hub. This form of contact is very personal, but there may be waits for up to an hour. Before going to a hub, you want to try and exhaust all other methods first. Do the in-app support, social media, the website. Make sure that you’ve exhausted all those methods before going to the Greenlight Hub.

The Greenlight Hub is great for complex issues or just kind of a last resort when you just can’t find the answers that you’re looking for via the other methods. In order to find the location and hours of the hub or hubs in your city, you will want to search your city and then Uber Greenlight Hub online.

Contact Uber on the phone

The fifth way to contact Uber is via phone. They provide 24-hour phone support at this number, 1-800-593-7069, and you can also access Uber’s phone support from within the Help menu of the driver app. And a quick note, there’s usually about a one to two-minute wait to talk to a rep and the help that you get there can be a bit hit or miss.

There’s also the Uber Critical Safety Response Line at 1-800-285-6172, and the only time you should ever call this number is if you get into an accident while driving or experience a serious safety or security issue. We suggest to save this number in your contacts as Uber Emergency. Also, we’ll just quickly menton the best way for Uber passengers to contact Uber is through the in-app support tools via the Passenger App.

Tips to get good support from Uber

Now, let’s quickly go over some things to know.

First, try to be as specific and precise as possible when asking a question or presenting a concern. You are more likely to get a response from an actual human this way. Also, ask one question at a time. If you ask multiple questions within the same inquiry, you will probably only receive an answer to one of them. Also, reply if you want the same person, and send a new inquiry if you want to speak with a different customer service agent. Some reps are better than others, and often you will get a completely different response or maybe even the one you actually want if you simply just resubmit again.

Also, don’t email the same question over and over. Uber system has a built-in feature that will auto-recognize similar queries and put them straight to the back of the queue, so don’t ask the same thing over and over. If anything, ask a new question, but figure out a new way to slip in your real question. Lastly, although you may be frustrated in certain instances, try to be as friendly as possible when asking a question. Just try to remember that the agent is doing their best to help you resolve your issue.

Thanks again for watching!

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