The Top 5 Things You’ll Experience as a Delivery Driver

Delivery is a solid option for drivers, especially during slower midday hours. We’ve covered Postmates, DoorDash, and other delivery apps, and I think it’s good to learn as much as we can about any viable work option for drivers.

Your Driver Mike on Youtube recorded a good, short video about his experiences as a delivery driver. It will give you a good sense for the kind of thing you’ll run into if you decide to work delivery.

I’ve done Uber Eats, Amazon Flex, and Door Dash, and Postmates, and in this video, I go over the top five things that you’ll experience as a delivery driver.

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1. Waiting at restaurants

We’re talking five to 10 plus minutes.

Yes, a lot of times if the restaurant had just got your order, or they are just now noticing your order, you may be waiting five, 10 plus minutes for that order to be ready.

Now, some apps like DoorDash will ask you if you’re waiting for your food, as they can tell you’re at the restaurant. Or you may also like to reach out to the customer, just to give them a heads up.

2. Missing items

I’m talking utensils, napkins, condiments, a number of items, or complete side dishes as well.

These restaurants are super busy, they’re getting call-in orders, take out and delivery, walk ups. They’re really busy. So make sure that you verify that everything’s in the bag, the quantity, the condiments, any other special instructions that your customer’s asked for.

3. You will encounter especially large orders

We’re talking that massive mega-supreme pizza that you don’t have a hot and cold bag for. Here’s where you’re going to have to problem solve.

Chances are, you’re not going to be able to fit this massive pizza next to you in the passenger seat. You may not, also want to put in your rear passenger seats. The only other option, is the trunk.

If you are going to put that massive pizza in your trunk, hatchback, whatever it is, consider getting some cargo blocks or some kind of organizer in your trunk to ensure that that item doesn’t shift.

4. Customers who track you and their order like a hawk.

Even more so than ride share, your delivery customers are hungry, they are waiting for their food, they may be in the app tracking you as a driver.

Here promptness is key. Make sure you’re not wasting any time, and certainly don’t speed to your customer. When on the road, it’s not going to save you any time. And be safe out there, but keep in mind that promptness is important.

5. Tricky drop-offs

Drop-offs can be tricky, especially when it comes to apartments, condos, or gated communities.

That keyword, gated, is what’s going to prevent you from delivering to your customer. Before you leave to make the drop off, check the customer notes and if it’s in a gated community, if you have any indication of that, make sure there’s a door code.

Additionally, when dropping off at these gated locations, you may have to go through a quick security kiosk, making sure you just sign in, maybe show your driver’s license. Mention that you’re there for a delivery. And they may give you a guest pass.

These are my top five things that you’ll experience as a delivery driver. But there’s plenty more. Let me know your additions down below in the comments.

Your Driver Mike here, I do appreciate you watching. Leave a like if you enjoyed the video. Subscribe to join your driver team. And I will see you in the next one.

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