The Top 5 mistakes Uber and Lyft drivers make

Most of what I usually cover is about things you can do to maximize your income and improve your driver ratings. But what should you NOT do as a driver? Today, I want to share a video by a great Youtuber called Your Driver Mike about the top 5 mistakes that all drivers should avoid.

Check out Mike’s video, then read the video transcript below.

#5: Failing to understand the demand trends in your city

If you don’t know where a surge is, when a surge is, and what time to be out there, then you’re hurting your own earnings, or hurting your wallet, and you’re basically driving blind by not doing the research. Check the app, know those demand trends.

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#4: Not having the right accessories

If you go out there and you just drive with your car as is, that’s fine, but you want the highest ratings, you want the most earnings, and you want to prevent any bad circumstances from happening in your car. Especially if you drive in those bar hours, you need to have sick bags, for one. If you are driving really in any market, you should probably have some kind of waterproof seat cover, or some WeatherTech seat liners on the bottom to keep the dirt and the mud and the water out of your car, especially if you have nice upholstery.

You may want to have a dash cam for security, or even just liability. If someone else hits you, it’s great to have documentation to send to Uber if you need to file a claim. Having the right accessories doesn’t mean you’re gonna make tons more in earnings, but it is gonna ensure that you have some equipment should a passenger need a sick bag. I have a whole bunch of other recommendations to equip your car so you can go out and drive with the most confidence.

#3 Illegal parking

Almost every time I go out driving, I see Uber or Lyft drivers stopping in the middle of the road. Guys, it’s illegal parking. You can’t stop in the middle of the road. I understand you have your four ways on, and you may get by and you may not be stopped for it X amount of times, but you’re putting yourself at risk for a ticket, and you’re putting other traffic at risk by just stopping in the middle of the road. If you can’t get to your passenger, if there’s no parking spots, or if there’s just too much traffic, circle the block. Give the passenger a call or a text. Let them know that you can’t find parking in the immediate area, but guys, don’t stop in the middle of the road, and always park legally.

#2: Driving around looking for fares

You want to minimize your expenses, and expenses equal gas. If you are driving around with the app online and you’re looking for fares, if you’re waiting for pings to come in on your phone, you can do that just parked. Why do you have to drive around and waste gas? That doesn’t make any sense. That’s a big mistake. Just park, and you can park in high demand areas. You can park legally, near concert areas, football stadiums, bars, restaurants, really wherever. Make sure you park it legally and then sit there with the Uber or the Lyft app on, minimize your expenses.

#1: Chasing surge

My number one biggest mistake for Uber and Lyft drivers is chasing surge. If you’ve watched some other videos on YouTube, you’ve seen some other commentators talking about not chasing surge. There’s good reason for that, guys. You don’t want to chase surge or prime time within either app.

We talked about it a little bit in another video, but you don’t want to chase it because, A, like I mentioned, if it’s more than three to five minutes away, chances are that other drivers are gonna beat you to that spot. They’re gonna get there. They’re gonna take the rides that passengers need, and by the time you get there, surge is gonna be gone. Ironically, normally the area that you just came from will start surging because you left it and other drivers left it, so don’t chase the surge. Again, I talk about this in my other video. Three to five minutes is okay. It’s doable. It’s pretty close by. If you have to drive more than five minutes, don’t chase the surge. You’re hurting yourself. You’re driving more miles, more expenses. Don’t do it.

That’s it for today guys. Don’t make these mistakes. Those are my top five biggest mistakes that Uber and Lyft drivers make. If you like this video, leave a comment, let me know if you have any other mistakes, any other tips for Uber and Lyft drivers. Check on my other videos. We have a whole bunch more: How to set up your car, how to apply to drive for Uber, a bunch of other tips, tricks, and strategies to maximize your earnings and ratings. That’s it guys. I appreciate you watching. As always, like, comment, and subscribe, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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