Top 3 Dashcams For Rideshare Drivers

Hey guys! Jonathan, a contributor at, is going to share his research into the top dashcams for rideshare drivers. These ingenious gadgets offer an ever-present witness to back up your side of the story if you run into trouble on the road. As a driver himself, he is all too familiar with the dangers posed by unruly passengers and motorists alike.

In this video, we’ll be comparing the different dashcams we tested to help you find one that meets your needs and keeps you safe wherever the pings may take you. To see more in-depth reviews for each camera, check out the links in the transcription below.

How do dashcams works?

Dashcams are powered with the 12-volt outlet in your car. They’ll start recording automatically when you start your car, and shut down when you turn it off. Once they’re installed, you’ll hardly need to think about them again. Dashcams use loop recording to save footage from your trips to a removable memory card. As this card fills up, the oldest footage will be replaced, so you’ll never run out of space if something happens. Most units will accept cards up to 32 gigabytes, which should be plenty for a full day of driving.

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The one weak spot in all the units we tested was their menu and button design. Like most consumer electronics these days, you will probably need to read the manual to figure out how to change the settings — Things like time and date, or making the screen turn off while you’re driving. Fortunately, most of them work fine right out of the box, so you shouldn’t find yourself needing to use these menus too often. With that said, let’s check out our first camera.

The ZeroEdge Mirror Camera: Affordable double-sided camera

Coming in at around $80, the ZeroEdge Mirror Camera is one of the cheapest units we looked at, and it offers plenty of bang for your buck. The ZeroEdge is actually two cameras, one for the road built into the back of the mirror, and another separate smaller camera. The detached camera is designed for use as a backup camera, but its small size and extra-wide field of view make it an amazing interior security camera as well.

The flaw with this design is that you’ll end up with a lot of cords to hide inside of your car, and the smaller camera unit won’t be easily removable. However, for the price, the footage is pretty decent, and it has all the features of the pricier dashcams – automatic recording from both cameras, a microphone to record audio or verbal notes, and acceptable clarity during nighttime driving.

The iTrue X3: Crystal-clear footage

If video quality is your priority, the iTrue X3 is your dashcam. For around $100, the X3 offers an extra-wide 170-degree field of vision, and it takes crystal clear footage of the road both day and night, all with minimal glare and great color quality. It also has a button layout that was slightly more intuitive than our other contenders, which made changing settings a little easier.

There is only one lens in this camera though, so you’ll likely be unable to get it pointed in the right direction in time should you need to record any incidents inside of your vehicle. If you drive primarily for delivery services like DoorDash or Postmates, you’re probably not too worried about being assaulted by your cargo, making this dashcam a great pick.

The Falcon’s F360: The best duel-lens camera

If you’re more concerned with your personal safety while driving, a dual-lens dashcam is a better choice. Falcon’s F360 comes in at around $150 making it the most expensive dashcam on our list, but it offers plenty of features for the price. The F360 includes a 32 gigabyte SD card and has two built-in cameras designed to record both the road ahead and the passengers inside.

Invisible infrared lights around each lens illuminate the interior of the cabin, which makes for relatively clear footage even in total darkness, and because this unit only uses a single power cable, you won’t have to mess around with connecting any extra wires. The F360’s spring-loaded clamps also make it the easiest to take in and out of your vehicle or simply stash in the glove box, an important concern for preventing break-ins while your car is not in use. For overall ease of use and its ingenious dual lens design, the F360 is a great buy and a must have if you put in long hours on the road.

For all dashcams, cable management is an important consideration. Even the Falcon, which came with its own cable hooks, benefited greatly from adding command hooks, which seemed to have a much better adhesive backing. Command hooks are about five dollars on Amazon, and they routed the cable securely around my car’s frame to keep it out of sight and out of mind.

Staying on the right side of the law

Legal issues are another consideration. By themselves, dashcams are legal in most areas, but if you’ll be filming passengers, you’ll need to check your local laws. In most cases, compliance is as simple as posting a small sign in your window notifying passengers that their trip will be recorded. If you’re worried about lower ratings, don’t be, especially as UberPOOL makes its debut. Most passengers appreciate the extra set of eyes for their own safety as well as yours.

Overall, driving with a dashcam has vastly improved my sense of security on the road. If you’re ever involved in a collision or an assault, these cameras could pay for themselves many times over making them a great investment for any rideshare driver.

For more info or to purchase any of the dashcams we’ve discussed, check out our affiliate links above in this article. As always, part of your purchase will go to help support the site so we can make more videos like this one. If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching, and drive safe.

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