How To Tip Your Uber Driver

Today’s video is just a quick demonstration of Uber’s tipping feature, from the passenger’s perspective. The tipping feature on Uber is great for drivers because it actually helps increase our earnings and it’s also great for passengers, too, because they can now recognize and reward the great service that so many drivers provide.

Take a look at video to see how passenger’s tip drivers. I’ve transcribed the video too, if you prefer to read.

How to tip an Uber driver inside the Uber app

So, in order to tip your driver, you’ll first want to be sure that you updated your app to the latest version in the Google Play for Android or the App Store for the iPhone and whether you’re using the Uber Passenger app, the UberEATS customer app or the Uber Driver app, an update may be required in order to give or receive tips. Once you have the latest version installed, simply request an Uber Ride or UberEATS delivery as you normally would.

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At the end of the ride, or delivery, the app will actually prompt you to tip your driver after rating. Several tip options will be presented based on the length of the ride but you always have the option of entering a custom tip amount. If you’re using a free ride code, the tip amount will be charged to your credit card on file. Once you select the tip amount, that’s it. After your ride is complete, you have up to 30 days to add a tip on UberX and seven days on UberEATS.

If you’re a driver, it’s important to know how this process works so you can explain the process. Drivers actually have to enable tips. So, if your driver hasn’t enabled tips, you’ll actually see a screen like this. So, definitely make sure that you go out there drivers and enable tips so those riders can tip you.

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