This Week: Food Delivery News about DoorDash, Instacart, Caviar, and More

In this special episode of “This Week In Food Delivery News”, Cecily shares food industry news including news about Instacart, Doordash, Caviar, Doordash and Uber Eats.

Cecily Jamelia:                  Hey. Happy Saturday, and thank you for coming back to this week in Ride Share News. This week we’re doing food delivery news. Anyway, Instacart drivers say that some customers are leaving large tips and then changing it to zero after delivery. Now, this is called tip bait and many Instacart drivers say they’ve gone through this before, but a lot more since this pandemic started, and they simply just want it to stop. Okay?

Cecily Jamelia:                  Now, when a customer submits an order they have three days to change their tip. It’s designed to give them enough time to assess if the driver did a good job, or not, and if they did a good job they should get a tip, but in this case a lot of drivers are being penalized. Now, Instacart knows this is going on, and they say the customer should do the right thing, but there has been no word on any plans to change the tip feature at this time.

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Cecily Jamelia:                  Grubhub, which also owns another popular company, Seamless, is reportedly looking to sell to one of its competitors, Uber Eats. According to the Wall Street Journal the deal would double Uber’s market share, allowing Uber to service over half of the food delivery market, and position it next to, or possibly surpassing DoorDash, Michael Huff, a DoorDash driver donated $60 to a local hospital staff for lunch at his favorite place, Buffalo Wild Wings. In turn, Buffalo Wild Wings did this.

Speaker 2:                          … tell you about the hashtag GOODNEWS of DoorDash delivery driver Michael Huff. Michael donated a $60 tip he received while delivering food to a patient at TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital. Buffalo Wild Wings corporate office contacted 13 News reporter Brandon Jarrett about giving Michael a call. It’s a call Michael says that led to an email he thought was a mistake.

Michael Huff:                    And after I got off the phone with her a few minutes later I end up getting an email come across my phone, so I opened my email up, and I seen it was a gift card, and I really thought that she made a mistake. She sent me a $250 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. I literally just sat down on the bed and started crying. It was just like a warm grace feeling that come over top of me of just very happiness, and all the years that you helped someone out you don’t really expect anything back.

Speaker 2:                          … released to 13 News. They say, “We love all our fans and our extremely grateful for loyal guests like Michael. He generously paid his tip forward in the form of wings, so we hooked him up with a wing delivery of his own.” We’re excited to partner with Michael in the coming weeks to continue Buffalo Wild Wings deliveries to the hospital.

Cecily Jamelia:                  It is really good to know that people are still being rewarded for being good. DoorDash and Caviar have made a few notable updates to their COVID-19 financial assistance policies. The companies will provide assistance to those that have been on the platform for only 30 days now. The previous policy required that you be on the platform for 60 days. They will also offer what they call Doctor on Demand. It’s a subsidized program that offers assistance for US based dashers and couriers. They’ll be able to access discounted virtual urgent care visits, and referrals for COVID-19 medical testing.

Cecily Jamelia:                  Now that some states are moving through phase one and phase two of reopening you should see a lot of changes, especially because lawmakers are getting involved with food delivery. Here’s what’s going on currently. Restaurants are asking patrons to pick up their food instead of using delivery services. Several states are in the process of capping delivery fees, limiting it to owning 10 to 15% across the country. LA, New York City, St. Louis, Jersey City are already putting these changes in effect, so expect to see it somewhere near you soon.

Cecily Jamelia:                  Some food apps are actually firing back by making up these surcharges to make up for the difference in the lowered fees. Soon, food delivery apps will have to disclose all the fees to the customer, so I’m hoping that the customer will be able to see how much the driver has to pay to be on the platform, and how much they make as well. Ultimately, this boom that we’ve experiencing in delivery will subside, so stay abreast of what’s going on in your city. Listen to the news guys. NPR’s where I get my news. Join a local Facebook forum, and definitely, definitely prepare for when the demand goes down.

Cecily Jamelia:                  My name is Cecily and you can find my videos here each and every Saturday. If you’ve heard anything you like please hit that thumbs up button. If you have any questions for me you can hit me on my channel, Drive Girl Drive, on YouTube and Facebook. Thanks again, and have a blessed weekend. Bye.



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