The Top 5 Questions Uber Drivers Hear From Passengers

Interacting with our passengers is a big part of our job. Even though we have to focus on the road and focus on the apps, we also have to field questions and comments from passengers.

Your Driver Mike made a good Youtube video about interacting with passengers, so be prepared to answer these top five most frequently asked questions from passengers.

Take a look at Mike’s video, then scroll to the transcript below to see the points he covers.

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What’s up guys, your driver Mike here, back with another video. This channel is dedicated to the Rideshare Space, so, if you’re a driver, a passenger, or someone just interested in the Rideshare Space, consider subscribing. If you’ve done one or 1,000 rides with Rideshare, you’re going to hear these questions, a lot.

“Is it busy?”

Whether they’re the first ride, or the 30th for that day, you’re gonna have passengers asking if it’s busy. A lot of these are just small talk, things passengers are just thinking of to make conversation with their driver. But, again, if you’re a new driver, it’s always good to know what to expect.

“How do you like driving for Uber or Lyft?”

Here is where it can get a little more tricky, if you’re a more veteran driver, and you’re not happy with the Rideshare platform. Feel free to answer these questions honestly. Note that if you’re especially not a fan of Uber and Lyft, that may affect your ratings from the passenger. Now, perhaps ratings aren’t as much of a big deal as they were years ago, but, keep in mind, typically, a driver rating of 4.6 and below risks deactivation.

“Do you also drive for Uber or Lyft?”

If you’re driving your passenger on the Uber system, or vice versa on the Lyft system, be prepared for number three, “Do you also drive for Uber or Lyft?” Your passengers are going to be taking a ride on either platform, Uber or Lyft. Expect them to ask if you drive for the other platform.

In most markets you are allowed to display logos for each company, Uber and Lyft, the trade dress for these companies, so feel free to answer this question honestly, as well. You will not risk a deactivation for driving for both companies. Essentially, in driving for the competition, there’s nothing wrong with that. Do not worry about deactivation.

“How long have you been driving for?”

Whether that be just for that day, or your Rideshare career, expect passengers to ask, “How long have you been driving for?” Note, passengers can see within your driver profile on Uber, how many years you’ve been driving for the company, and how many rides you’ve given, as well.

“Do you have any crazy stories?”

Moving to number five. One of the most asked questions that you’re going to get from your passengers, “Do you have any crazy stories?” Well, if you’re not a newbie, and you’ve been giving hundreds or thousands of rides, chances are you’re gonna have some stories, especially if you’re driving the bar rush crowd. Feel free to answer this one how you like.

What other questions did we leave out in this video? Let us know down below, in the comments. Your driver, Mike, here. I do appreciate you watching. Leave a like if you’ve enjoyed the video. Subscribe to join your driver team. I will see you on the next one.

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