The Rideshare Professor Discusses Lyft Personal Power Zones

Prime Time is out and Personal Power Zones are in. That’s the trend in more and more Lyft markets, so now is the time to understand Personal Power Zones.

We covered Power Zones in this post The Rideshare Guy, but it’s always good to get another perspective too.

The Rideshare Professor recorded a solid overview of Personal Power Zones in a Youtube video, which I’ve shared and transcribed below.

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Personal Power Zone: A new type of bonus

My Lyft friends, my Uber friends, we are talking about the personal power zones with Lyft. They will now guarantee a bonus when your pick up is in the zone. No matter where you are when you accept the ride. Interesting one. And again, I’ll share the text and the links with you beneath, right?

Also coming soon, earn in destination mode. They say, “Hey, if you’ve got plans you can now earn bonuses from personal power zones when you’re in destination mode.” Interesting. We’re going to find out soon what that’s all about. I’m curious. Anyone that experiences this or gets or conducts a trip of this nature, as soon as it’s out in your city, please do share in this video.

Other features coming soon: Bonus alert, bonuses in destination mode

Also coming soon: bonus alerts, right? How to collect more bonuses. They will alert you and also will let you know as soon as you lock in bonuses and you qualify for these, they’ll announce it.

Now, the station that reports, they call this the hub, they say “find high demand with personal power zones.” When you’re on the road you should always know where to drive to make progress towards your goals. Okay, pretty easy to understand that one.

Lyft also says, “You’ve shared that prime time helps you.” They obviously see that prime time is a real winner with the drivers, and you see where it’s busy, but it isn’t consistent way to earn more. So we’re replacing it with something better. Clearer, more reliable way to find high demand and score a bonus on your next ride. With these personal power zones, so we eagerly await that.

Meet the personal power zones rolling out in select cities. In the coming months, personal power zones reward you with a ride bonus every time you drive through a high demand zone. Demand and bonuses you can count on. Personal power zones appear when there’s a high demand nearby, making it easy to see exactly where you’ll earn more bonuses.

Personal Power Zones are based on your location, and personalized for you

So within your reach, personal power zones are based on your location, so you won’t have to drive across town to find your next ride and your next bonus. Interesting one.

What you see is what you get. You’ll see the bonus amount up front, so you’ll always know how much you’re getting before you give a ride. No more guesswork. I guess that’s a big one. Right? We don’t like the guesswork.

Drive into the purple zone guarantees a bonus on your next ride. Whenever you see a personal power zone, drive toward it to score a bonus on your next ride.

Drive into the pink zone, guarantee an even bigger bonus. So, obviously pink over purple is going to earn you more. The highest amount and the highest bonus is in the pink zone. The longer you stay in the pink zone, the bigger your bonus gets. We’ll see how that plays out.

And then thirdly, give a ride, get your bonus. Once you’ve gotten a bonus guarantee, stay on line and accept your next request, you’ll earn the bonus when you complete that ride.

What is your experience with Personal Power Zones?

Interesting new platform idea that they’re incorporating into Lyft. Your personal power zones, and they’re rolling this out in select cities. What my take from this is, the colorations purple and pink, obviously more money. If you have conducted such trips, if you have experience here, do share please. Let’s always help the drivers understand a new feature in the app, you know, before they actually test it out. They know, they have a good idea of what’s coming their way. That’s always very, very helpful.

Thank you from the Rideshare Professor. Please subscribe to the channel. If you haven’t joined Uber or Lyft, the links are beneath this video. You can lock in the highest bonus and then reach out to me and let me help you with help, training and support before you take trip one on day one, right? To all the Lyft veterans, I’m sure you guys are excited about this one. Your feedback is welcome.

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