Uber Rewards Help Drivers Save Money

I’ve partnered up with UberMan to share with you guys some of the best content on Youtube. His video “Save Money While Driving For Uber” goes over some Uber Rewards features I haven’t covered before that could save on car repairs and financial services. There’s some great info here, so give his video a watch, read the transcript below, then subscribe to his channel to see more.

The Uber “Rewards” area helps you save money

Today I want to talk to you guys about something that I thought was common knowledge, but I’m finding out from talking to other drivers that it seems the majority of drivers don’t know this exists. You can save a lot of money while you’re racking up miles on your car driving for Uber. What do I mean? Sign into your Uber account and click on “Rewards.” I have my screen rather big so that you guys on cellphones can see this a little easier. Here is your fuel card, which is supposed to give you up to a 15 cent per gallon discount, but I found that it didn’t really work, so I threw mine in the garbage.

Car repair and oil change discounts for Uber drivers

Now, you have discounts for your automobile.  Look at the discounts you can receive. If you do your own work on a lot of things, go to AutoZone with this 10% off coupon, and literally get 10% off. If you have an AutoZone card, you also get $20 after purchasing $100 worth of items. You get 10% off, plus you get basically a 20% discount. You’re looking at 30%. You can print this out, or you can just pull it up on your phone. I’ve been able to do it on my phone before too. It gives them a coupon code right here that they can use to give you your discount.

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  • You get 15% off Jiffy Lube
  • FireStone, 15% off on products and services with the exception of tires. Tires are sold to you at 10% above wholesale
  • Valvoline, 15% off.
  • Meineke Total Car Care, 12% off services, eight percent off tires and batteries, 20% off first service for new customers.
  • Tires Plus Total Car Care, 15% off products and services. Tires are 10% above wholesale.

This is a big one for some of you guys, Maaco, Maaco discount. Let’s say something happened to your car, and it’s not covered because it’s less than $1,000. Uber’s not going to cover it, so it’s gotta come out of your pocket. Well, here you go. 10% off all products and services, $50 off first service for new customers. If you gotta pay for it anyway, you might as well save some money.

  • Wheel Works, 15% off, and tires 10% above wholesale
  • Big O Tires, 10% off all products and services
  • Merchants, 10% off all products and services
  • Midas, 10% off. Tire and Service Centers, NTB, 10% off all products and services
  • Safelite Auto Glass. Guys, I’ve replaced three windshields, so I already know. $50, up to $50 off mobile glass services
  • Speedy Oil Change, 10% off
  • The Ticket Clinic20% off all traffic legal services, and traffic infractions. That’s actually pretty cool
  • Tire Kingdom, 10% off

Discounts on financial services

This is one that I actually already used: I got $20 off using TurboTax, which was pretty cool. Or if you prefer H&R Block, you save $20 on your tax service there. If you want to plan for retirement, and you want to use their third party vendor for this, then go ahead. Personally that’s not something I’m into.

You get phone discounts as well.

  • Sprint customers  get unlimited data, talk and text for $55 a month. $35 a month for second line, $25 a month for additional lines.
  • AT&T, 20% off eligible service plans up to $650 device credit when you switch to AT&T, and an extra one gig a month free as a momentum partner.
  • Verizon, 15% discount on wireless service

Healthcare discounts

There is a Stride Health discount available for driver too.

Anyway, there it is guys. Just login and find the Rewards area to find all kinds of discounts for things that you’re going to need, especially when it comes to using your phone, discounts for your mobile phone, discounts on auto parts, paint, body, and tires. That is where you’re probably going to save the majority of your money right there.

For all of you guys that I thought knew about it, I apologize I didn’t do another video on this sooner. You can save a lot of money here guys, you really can. I hope that this video finds you well, and I hope you utilize these savings to the absolute fullest, and keep more of your money in your pocket. Until next time, like, comment, subscribe. Stay safe out there, and Uber on.

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