Rideshare Reviews: ZeroEdge Dual Lens Dashcam Review

As you guys know, I think that a good dash cam is something every driver needs. Today, contributor Jonathan Knope will show us one of the more popular dual-lens cameras out there, the ZeroEdge Dual-lens Car Camera. Dual-lens cameras are a good way to go because they film both inside the car and in front of it, which helps cover all of your bases.

Check out Jon’s video, then read the transcript below.

Unboxing and the ZeroEdge

This ZeroEdge dash cam retails for around $80, making it one of the cheapest dual-lens units available. In the box, you’ll find the mirror, a separate smaller camera, and other required power and USB cables. In addition, ZeroEdge also includes a 16 gigabyte micro-SD card and a spare set of straps for attaching the unit over your existing mirror. The smaller camera plugs into the mirror via a very long cable. It’s designed to be affixed above your license for use as a backup camera. However, because of its own obtrusive size, it’s also an ideal security camera for the inside of your vehicle making the ZeroEdge a great pick for Ride Share drivers. By default, the camera records video from each camera simultaneously so you won’t even need to do any additional set up.

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Installation is a snap, but you’ll have to get creative with cable management. I used Command Strip hooks to keep the power cable out of the way. The long cord for the interior camera proved to be more of a challenge. With some cable ties or a little duct tape, you should be able to keep it out of the way. I was content just tucking it behind the mirror, though it did look a little unsightly. The small camera comes with an adhesive backing and is designed to be installed upside down. My car had a perfect spot to stick it to, right above the mirror. If you install it right side up, just keep in mind that you might have to rotate the footage later. The long cords to entail a bit of extra effort when taking the camera in and out of your car. A keen-eyed burglar could conceivably spot this unit, so if you don’t have a secure area to park in at night this may be a concern.

How the interior camera works

Because the smaller camera is designed as a backup camera, it has a fairly wide field of view, which is actually perfect for capturing footage of the whole interior. It doesn’t bend or rotate, so you’ll have to be careful about where you decide to attach it, but once it’s installed the interior footage looks fantastic. This camera uses loop recording so the oldest footage will be replaced as the memory card fills up.

This unit also has a lock feature so you can prevent important clips from being overwritten. The footage from each camera is recorded to separate video files, which can be either a pro or a con depending on your point of view. Because they are timestamped, you’ll still be able to tell which videos were recorded when if you ever need to match them up. The quality of the front camera is very similar to the smaller one.

The image quality isn’t the best, but the price is right

I wish ZeroEdge had improved the resolution of the front camera a bit as far off license plates can be illegible at this resolution. It does have a microphone, though, so if you need to remember a license plate number you can always make a verbal note of it. The footage is definitely not cinema quality, but it will be able to show what really happened if you’re ever involved in a collision.

Nighttime footage is passable, not crystal clear, but you’ll still be able to tell what’s happening in the shot. As one of the cheapest dual-lens dash cams, the ZeroEdge offers a great value for Ride Share drivers. The small size of the detached camera offers a lot of flexibility for keeping an eye on your passengers and the front camera has enough resolution to get the job done. To purchase one of these, check out our affiliate link. Remember, your purchase helps support our site so we can make more videos like this one. If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching and drive safe.

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