How I Rate My Uber Passengers

The rating system for drivers is something we talk about often, but what about the rating system for passengers? Today, I want to share a great video from Kon at RideShare Tips that gives us a driver’s perspective on rating passengers.

Take a look at Kon’s video, read the transcript below, and subscribe to his channel if you want to see more.

A lot of passengers actually don’t even know that they have a rating system. Being an Uber driver, when a request comes in, we see the passenger’s rating, that’s going to help us decide whether or not we want to pick them up.

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I’ve been doing Uber and Lyft for quite some time now and I’ve came across just about every passenger you’re going to get. The majority of my rides are five-star ratings, however, there are times where I give somebody a 1-star rating, very rare though.

The five-star rating for passengers

The five-star ratings I would say is 95% of my rides. Before I go on, I just want to say that I do not drive late at night time, I’ve found that when I drove late at night time I would get a lot more of the one-star passengers. They’re getting out of the clubs, they’re all drunk, they’re ready to go home, they want to play obnoxious music in your car, and they might throw up. So, what is a five-star passenger? It is somebody that is not annoying. It’s somebody that says hello to you, says thank you for the ride, have a good day. Just common sense basically. They don’t leave trash in your car, it’s basically a regular human being.

A four and three-star rating

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever given anybody a four-star rating. Maybe if somebody made a rude a statement or something. I don’t know, if that happened though, I feel like I would give them less than a four. I really think it’s very rare and odd to give somebody a four-star rating. A three-star rating is somebody that ordered an Uber or a Lyft for a friend or a family member and that person gets in the car and is either obnoxious, or just flat out rude, or doesn’t say hello or something like that. I tend to cut them some slack because it’s not them in the car, so I don’t want to give them a one-star rating and lower their ratings by too much so I’ll give them a three just to let them know that hey, your friend here was a jerk.

Two and one-star ratings

The two-star rating is kind of similar to the four-star rating. I can’t really think of a time I’ve done it. I’m sure I’ve done it, but off the top of my head I can’t really think of something that would make me give somebody a two-star rating. The majority of your ratings are going to be either a one-star rating or a five-star rating. Somebody commented on one of my videos the other day saying if they don’t tip you, leave them a three-star rating. No, don’t do that. First of all, if it’s Uber they don’t even have an option to tip and what if they don’t have cash? They’re going to get a bad rating from you just because they don’t carry cash on them? When it’s Lyft, yeah they have that option to tip, but nobody’s forcing them to tip. If their fare was like $25, you made a good fare already, what more do you want? If they were nice to you, give them a five-star rating, don’t be a jerk.

I’ve had a couple of handfuls, maybe like eight handfuls of one-star ratings in my lifetime. What does a one-star passenger look like? Probably something like this. Listen, I’ve given one-star ratings to people that got in my car and didn’t say hi. You’d be surprised, a lot of people out there are just really rude for no reason. You can’t just be rude to strangers like that, that’s not how society should be working. But who am I to say the rules of society? I’m just telling it like it is in my Uber car.

People get in the car and they don’t even say hi, they get straight to their cellphone, texting the whole time, 20 minutes later you drop them off, they don’t even say a word to you. They get out of your car, slam your door, and I give them a one-star rating. What are you so mad about? Just say hi, ask me how I’m doing, maybe I can help you better your life or something. Obviously you’re miserable, something’s wrong with you.

Other scenarios where I’ve given one-star ratings in the past is when people leave trash in your car, or if they make a mess, spill something back there. Sometimes people will ask you to go through a drive through or make a stop somewhere, and most of the time I won’t mind, but if they keep me waiting for, like, 10 minutes, that’s going to affect their rating. I’m not necessarily going to say I’m going to give them a one-star rating, but I’m probably not going to give them a five-star rating.

Other times I’ve given a one-star rating, I remember there was a couple that got in my car, it was a guy and a girl, and it was the guy’s name on the app, so I knew it was him that ordered one. He was just talking down to this girl the whole time, he was yelling at her, talking like a jerk, so I gave him a one-star. See how he likes it when his rating gets affected, see how you’re going to talk to girls then.

Should you accept or reject passengers based on their rating?

In all serious though, ratings don’t really affect much to me personally. I’ve had requests come in that were a 4.3, which is really low, I think that’s the lowest one I’ve ever seen. I was curious, I went to go pick the guy up, and he was pretty chill. I didn’t understand why he had such a low rating, I gave him five stars. But I can see how people are going to be a little bit scared of that and nervous to pick him up. There have been times where I’ve declined a ride where it was below a 4.5 because it’s like, dude, how bad are they going to be if they have such a low rating. At the end of the day, guys, it all comes down to being a human being. If somebody treats me like a regular person, if they don’t talk down on me like I’m some kind of shitty taxi driver, no offense to taxi drivers, I’m sorry.

If they say hi to me, maybe make an attempt to conversate with me, or if it’s just a silent ride and they’re not rude to me, I’ll give them five stars. That’s just me, guys, I don’t know how your system is, I’m just telling mine. Thanks for watching, guys. Like, comment, subscribe to my channel, I do videos on Lyft and Uber, and I help you make more earnings.

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