Podcast: Two Students Share the Best Strategies and Tips from Maximum Ridesharing Profits

If you follow me over at The Rideshare Guy, you know that I regularly publish a podcast for drivers where I try to cover all angles of the rideshare experience. Now that Maximum Ridesharing Profits has reached thousands of of drivers, I figured I could bring a few MRP students onto the podcast to see what their experience was like with the course. MRP students Chike and Adan volunteered, and we had a great conversation that covered a lot of interesting ground.

Listen to my podcast here, and read the synopsis: Two MRP Students Share Their Best Strategies and Tips

Below is a brief summary of the things we talked about in the podcast. I definitely recommend giving the full podcast a listen!

Interview with Chike Ujagu

  • Started as a part-time driver initially then moved to full-time
  • Prefers part-time driving to full time because it’s easier physically, but makes double as a full-time driver
  • Drives in San Francisco, primarily with Lyft

Interview with Adan Castillo

  • Adan is a former engineer and is now full-time entrepreneur
  • He started driving for Uber and Lyft in 2015 because he needed a flexible schedule
  • In 2017, he started WindyCityDrivers.com, a resource for Chicago drivers
  • Driving for rideshare was flexible and could pay the bills, leaving Adan with more time for his family

Other stuff we covered

  • Their experiences with MRP
  • The strategies they’ve developed to work smarter, not harder
  • How their relationship with rideshare has evolved

To listen to the full podcast, visit : Two MRP Students Share Their Best Strategies and Tips

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