This Week: New Uber & Lyft App Updates!

This week in rideshare news – Uber and Lyft announced major updates to their app that enhance the rideshare experience for both the driver and the passenger.

Hey there rideshare community, how are you?

I’m glad to see that you’re back for This Week in Rideshare News. So Uber and Lyft announced more app updates. Didn’t we already do this?Yeah, we kind of did. But these are major app updates. Okay. So anyway, last week Uber announced several security updates, we talked about that in my previous video. This week they offer more updates to Uberize your life. Yes, that is a thing.

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Uber overhauls its app in ambitious bid to become ‘the operating system for your everyday life’

Uber will continue to combine both their rideshare and food delivery services in one app. Wow. In addition, they are planning to add a four digit pin verification system to make sure riders don’t get into the wrong vehicle. So to start, riders will give you a pin, if it matches the ride with start. If not, kick them out of your car. I’m not kidding. I thought this would be really good for drivers since this sort of thing kind of affects drivers more than riders. But in the future, the riders phone will send this ultrasonic signal to the drivers phone automatically to verify the pin. Very cool.

And for drivers, they’ve announced the following. An earnings estimator to help drivers better keep track of the money. A demand heat map, which highlights areas where more riders are requesting trips, and to predict where drivers might be able to get a trip request. And back to busy filter, when a driver completes a trip in a quiet area, which is a non-busy area, they could turn this on and it’ll help them filter the trip request back into the direction of your choice. They’re currently doing AB testing to work out the kinks, so if you don’t see this update, you will in the near future.

Lyft’s massive update competes more with Google Maps than Uber

Now on to Lyft. Lyft also announced major changes this week to their app. In their app, you’ll be able to find Lyft cars, scooters, bikes, and public transportation, which means Lyft has no problem offering other alternatives to their rideshare service, so Lyft plays nice.

Small tax on Uber, Lyft rides will help drivers and housing affordability

Like many big cities, Seattle is facing unprecedented growth and a population, well, that need affordable housing and transportation as well. Bottom line, they need money. Mayor Durkan responds with legislation providing worker protection for thousands of Uber drivers, to increase the investment of transportation projects, provide more housing for low wage workers, and so she plans to add a 50 cent charge on every single Uber or Lyft ride. This tax is estimated to raise over $25 million a year, over the next five years. If you’re interested in reading more about that, that link is in the description. I think this is a great idea, as long as that money goes to rideshare drivers.

So, my favorite segment, hopefully it’s yours too. What would you do in this case? I was riding with a Lyft driver who pretty much shared about 20 minutes of horrific stories for her first two months driving for Lyft. But one thing that she shared with me is something that I thought to bring up with you. She said that, of all the people that acted inappropriately with her, she found that they all sat in the front seat. And she said she’s to the point where no one can sit in the front seat, she doesn’t care who you are. She has the seat moved up, she’s got the seat at an angle, like, do not dare to sit in that seat. And she said she finds when people start to argue with her about sitting in that seat, she has a feeling that person going to a lot more to encroach on her boundaries and she just canceled the ride.

It’s not necessarily what you would do in this case, but do you find that the people that have acted inappropriately with you, or have encroached on your boundaries, have messed with your personal property without your consent, all of that stuff, have you found that those people typically sat in the front seat or not? I’m just kind of curious. If you don’t respond to anything else, in the comment, let me know where that person was sitting in your car. Maybe we can figure it out. Maybe we can do a personality assessment by trying to figure out who is more likely to turn up and get kicked out of your car. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking.

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