I met with 3 MRP students and here’s what we talked about..

Today I’m excited to announce a brand-new section of Maximum Ridesharing Profits.  Over the past few months, I’ve been recording interviews with drivers across the country and now I’m releasing them in our new Case Studies Section!

These case studies will go over rideshare strategy, promoting your business and leveraging your network and improving your ratings. I’ve been working really hard on the case studies for the last few months, so I’m excited for you guys to finally check them out.

Course members: You can access the new case studies now!

Current members of the course can access the new case studies section by logging in and navigating to the new page in the course navigation titled: “7. Case Studies

If you haven’t yet bought the course, buy it now! It’s got a ton of content that you can’t miss if you’re serious about building your rideshare business.

Case Studies: Talking to real drivers about smarter strategies

Here are three of the interviews in the Case Studies section:

  • Abdi: How to make money when you’re new to a market. Abdi is a new driver in London, and we discussed the finer points of surge pricing strategies and how to drive more efficiently during peak hours.
  • Stephen “The Tomato Guy”: How to leverage Uber for your side business. Stephen is a farmer, and he’s found that he can use Uber to sell tomatoes and flowers and even network with local restaurant managers. We talked about how he does it and how he can grow his idea into a real business.
  • Patrick: How to create a customer service system that improves your ratings. Patrick was a new Lyft and Uber driver who was struggling with his ratings until he created a thorough customer service checklist. After implementing the new system, his ratings started to climb back up and he’s now a top rated driver in his market.

These Case Studies show you the Maximum Ridesharing Profits lessons in action

The Case Studies are a great complement to all of the other lessons in the course because they take the high-level concepts we discuss and fit them into real life situations with real drivers.

Buy Maximum Ridesharing Profits to get instant access to the entire course curriculum and the new case studies.

Want to be in a Case Study?

I had a ton of fun talking to the drivers in these case studies and I really think these conversations were useful for them, for me, and for you. Do you think you would make an interesting case study? Leave a comment or e-mail me and we can talk about your situation and see if it would be a teachable moment for other drivers.

-Harry @ MRP

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