Maximizing your Uber quest bonus incentives

One of the best ways to earn with Uber is through the promotions and incentives that they offer. Today, Ezra from The Rideshare Genius will show you how one of those incentives works: Quest. It’s a per-ride incentive that is now offered in a lot of cities on a regular basis.

Take a look at Ezra’s video, then check out the video transcript if you prefer to read.

Demonstrating Uber quests inside the app

I’m gonna open my Uber Driver app, and down here on the bottom menu bar, I’m gonna click on Earnings. You can see, it says Quest right here in the center but I’m gonna click on promotions here.

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Quest vs Boost

Now, there’s a couple of different promos that they usually offer, and these are generally gonna be offered in bigger cities. I live in Los Angeles. So you can see here at the top, there’s Quest and then Boost here at the bottom. I do have another video about Boost, and Boost is basically guaranteed surge pricing in certain areas at certain times so it can be a really great way to earn. What I like to do is actually try to combine that with Quest offers.

With Boost, there’s no acceptance rate required so can really just earn money and earn the extra Boost percentage as long as you’re in the right place at the right time. But as far as Quest goes, I’m gonna go ahead and click on this.

Now, I have completed some of my trips but you can see my offer for this week right now. From Monday morning to Friday morning is, “Do 15 trips and make $50 extra.” For example, last weekend my Quest offer was, “Do 20 trips and make $80 extra.” They seem to vary, probably based on demand for your city but also based on your behaviors in the past in the app, most likely. How many trips you’ve been doing, when you’ve been doing those trips, and things like that, that’s probably how they make these offers. Aways keep an eye out in your app for those.

Reading into the fine print of Uber Quests

I did wanna talk some more about the details. It’s always good to take a look at the fine print.

If we look at the fine print here, we can see it says, “Drive 15 trips, make $50 extra.” I’ll usually get an offer every Sunday night and every Thursday night. The Sunday night offer will be like this one you see right here, for Monday at 4 AM to Friday at 4 AM. And then the Thursday night offer will generally be for Friday at 4 AM to Monday at 4 AM. So there’s two Quest and Boost offers every week, one for the weekdays and one for the weekend. At least that’s how it works right now and in Los Angeles. If it changes, I’ll try to make another video about that.

But so far, you can see that I’ve done 6 of the 15 trips required. Now, if we look at the details above, it says, “25% of requests must be completed,” so that’s pretty easy to do. And, “80% of requests must be accepted,” so you have to keep an 80% acceptance rate. That’s the one drawback of Quest. Say it’s a really busy time and you start getting pings from really far away that you don’t want to accept and you’re trying to go after a Quest offer, you have to keep that in the back of your mind. You can always accept more later on or do extra trips later on in order to hit that acceptance rate but you do wanna keep that in mind. Now, always check out the other details too. “Trips must begin in Los Angeles County.”

Quests can make Uber Pool rides more tolerable

But a cool thing about Quest is that it actually applies for all sorts of different trips. You can see it applies even for UberEats trips. And for UberPool, you get credited for a trip for each pick-up so it’s not like if you do one UberPool ride where you have three pick-ups and drop-offs, you only get credited for one as far as your Quest, you actually get credited for three. That actually makes the UberPool rides a little more tolerable because of that.

Trips while using the destination filter don’t count

I also want to show the fine print here at the bottom, “The following trip types do not count towards your promotion: destination trips,” so keep that in mind. If you’re using a destination filter, that will not count towards your Quest incentive. Rider cancellations and driver cancellations don’t count either, so you can’t just cancel in order to get money. Well, you can if you wait five minutes but you won’t be getting the Quest payout for that.

Combine Quest and Boost for maximum incentive earnings

One thing I like to do i to combine Quest with Boost. For example, if I open my Boost here and, say I was down in this area that’s paying a 1.5 Boost, I could be doing rides there, getting paid 1.5 Boost and also earning that per-trip incentive. At 15 trips for $50, that’s over $3 extra per trip. The one I had last weekend was 20 for $80 and if I’m going to do those 15 or those 20 anyway, you might as well do them in that Boost area. Or if it makes sense for your schedule and your situation but combining them is an advanced strategy that I think can really, really help you maximize your earnings.

I hope you guys enjoyed checking out Uber Quest and how it works and how you can use it along with Uber Boost and other promotions. If you do have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. Wherever you’re watching, I hope you’re having a wonderful day and I’ll see you soon.

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