How to make sure you get the best Lyft bonus for new drivers

Hey guys, I just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know how to sign up for Lyft so that you’re guaranteed to be eligible for the best bonus in your area. Even though Lyft is in most major cities now, I was surprised to see that 40% of MRP members surveyed only drive for Uber.

In this article I want to explain why driving for Lyft is a good choice, and what steps you need to take to make sure you get the biggest bonus you can.

Why you should drive for Lyft if it’s in your area

All of you Uber-only drivers out there might wonder why you would drive for Lyft is Uber is working well for you.

  • Lyft pays more in some areas
  • The Lyft app allows tipping. You keep 100% of tips
  • If you have account issues with Uber, you can use Lyft as a backup
  • If you sign up for Lyft first, then Uber, you could be eligible for Uber’s bonuses for Lyft drivers

Overall, Lyft is almost identical to UberX. The vehicle requirements, the app, and the actual job are almost exactly the same. Why not have both options available to you?

How to find out what the new-driver bonus is in your area

Unlike Uber, Lyft makes it really easy to see how much the bonus for new drivers is in your area. They keep an updated page listing all the bonuses in their online help center that you can find here at

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Many cities have $500 bonuses, and some even reach $750 or $1,000. The number of rides you have to complete to get the bonus is higher than Uber, but if you’re already a working driver it shouldn’t be too hard to get 50 or 75 rides in 30 days.

Steps to make sure you get your Lyft new driver bonus

It’s pretty easy to qualify for a new driver bonus, but you must do these two things:

  1. When you apply online, you must enter an active Lyft driver’s promo code into the application. You can also click a driver’s referral link, which will automatically add the promo code to the application
  2. You have to complete the required number of rides in a specified time period, usually 30 or 60 days

Important! Don’t forget to enter a promo code into the application when you apply. If you click a referral link like the one below, the promo code will be entered for you.

By clicking our referral link, you’ll be eligible for the best referral bonus in your area, and we may also receive a bonus if you complete the required rides.

Forget to use a promo code when you applied? How to get a retroactive bonus

If you forget to input a promo code into the online application, you’re technically not automatically eligible for a new driver bonus.

Here’s what you can do though: E-mail Lyft and let them know you forgot to include a code. They will then ask for a code and may apply the promotion to your account. This method doesn’t always work but stay persistent.

Readers — Do you drive for Lyft, or are you Uber only? Or are you Lyft only? Feel free to leave a comment.

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