How To Make $1900 Per Week Driving for Uber and Lyft

Is is possible to make $1900/week driving for Uber and Lyft? Our own Jay Cradeur is going to share with you some of my tips and techniques and strategies to consistently earn $1900 per week. If you’ve watched any of my videos, you know I love the flexibility of being an Uber and a Lyft driver, and today you caught me traveling. Right now, I am at the Ban Gioc waterfalls, and I’m at my hotel room. I’m just outside here on my balcony.

Take a look at Jay’s video, then scroll to the video transcript below to see all the points he covers.

To make $1900/week, you need to be a workaholic

Number one, number one secret or tip or technique that I use is I’m a workaholic. I work 45-60 hours every single week that I’m working. If I’m not working, I’m completely taking the week off. I’m either working full bore or I’m not working.

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Let’s go over my specific schedule for the week. Here’s my schedule. Monday through Thursday, I work seven hours. My goal is generally to get three rides per hour, and in those seven hours, to average about $30 an hour and make $200 a day. It changes dramatically on Friday and Saturday, which I consider two of the best three days of the week, where I work 10 hours, my goal is 30 rides and $300. Then Sunday, if I work Sunday, a lot of times I take Sundays off, or I’ll take Mondays off. But if I work a Sunday, I only work from 6:00 until noon, and my goal is 15 rides. It’s a little bit less because I know I’m going to get some long rides and another couple of hundred dollars.

Have a disciplined schedule

Tip number two is that I work a very disciplined schedule. Monday through Thursday, I always work from about 6:00 AM until 10:00 AM. I get in that morning shift. Then in the afternoons, I usually work from 3:00 or 4:00 until 7:00. That’s about seven hours a day. Friday and Saturday, I’ll work about 10 hours a day. I’ll start in the morning at 6:00 and I’ll usually go until 4:00, 5:00, or 6:00, and I’ll take a one or two-hour break in the middle of the day.

Then Sundays, if I work a full seven days, I only work six hours and take the afternoon off. I’ll usually work from 6:00 until 10:00. Those are the hours where I can maximize prime time, ensure that I get my bonus through Lyft, and I give myself ample break time in there for exercise and working out, and things like that.

Bonuses can put you over the edge into real earnings

It’s very important to get your bonuses. I’ve already talked a little bit about how important it is to drive in the morning and the afternoon, and that’s to get the Lyft bonus, The Power Driver Bonus. I get that ever single week. Right now, that’s $350. That’s an extra 20-25% of my earnings. Then Uber has their bonuses, which sometimes I go for and sometimes I don’t, depending on what they’re offering.

Let’s take a look now at this specific week and I’ll show you how I approach it. I took this screenshot on Thursday night. As you can see, as of Thursday night, I had 98 rides, 52 in the prime time. To get my bonus, I needed to reach 130. I needed 32 more in order to get my maximum bonus of $350. Now, let’s look at what Uber offered. Here’s Uber’s offer, 45 trips to make an extra $125. First, I looked to see that I’m making about $3 extra per trip, so that’s good, and can I actually do it?

I’ve got 32 to get and 45, so that’s around 75-80. If I do 30 a day, that’s easy. I can do 30 a day, Friday, Saturday, and do a few on Sunday, and get an extra 125 on top of the Lyft bonus, so I’m going to go for it.

Maximize long rides on the weekend

My number four tip is to maximize your long rides on the weekend. Friday mornings, but it’s really Saturday and Sunday mornings, you’re going to get a lot of people that want to take longer rides and there’s no traffic. No traffic until about noon, at least that’s the way it is here in the San Francisco Bay area. You want to love those long rides because they can really make your week. When you’re driving at 60 miles per hour, 70 miles per hour on the freeway for 30 minutes, you’re making as much money as you can possibly make as a driver.

Go for your goal! Make it and achieve it

My goal is always to make at least $100 in tips, okay? If you drive for Lyft, Lyfters, Lyft passengers, they have been paying tips for a long time now. They’re used to paying tips. If you really work your passengers, you can make some decent money. $100 is around 4 or 5% of your weekly earnings in tips, so treat your customers with care. Tourists tend to tip the best, airport runs, you tend to get more tips there, and sometimes you’re just surprised by somebody who just throws you a $10 tip. Always be pleasant, always engaged, have them become your best friend, and authentically enjoy their company. People will be obliged and they’ll want to give you a tip.

Avoid rides that aren’t profitable

My number six tip is to cancel on rides that are not profitable. Some drivers, they don’t want to cancel on any rides, they don’t want to upset anybody. I treat this as a business, not a charity. The other day, it was raining. I was in downtown San Francisco, the surge was high, and I was approaching to pick somebody up. As I do about a half a block before, I hit that I’m arriving, and I could see that they were going to go across the Bay Bridge, which is just chock-full of traffic especially when it’s raining. It would have taken an hour to an hour and a half sitting in traffic, going across the bridge, taking me out of the surge, taking me out of the prime time, depending on whether you’re doing Uber or Lyft. It didn’t make any sense for me to take it.

Avoid traffic. The more you move, the more you make

Number seven, pretty obvious one, you want to stay away from traffic. When you’re sitting in traffic and you’re not moving, even though if you have a passenger, you’re not making much money. Avoid heavy traffic. Now, one little trick that I use is when I’m stuck in an area that I can see there’s going to be a lot of traffic, I will set my destination filter to some place far way so that I can get rides to take me out of the traffic and I’ll keep getting rides going in that direction. If you don’t do that, you might get a ride out of traffic, but then someone will call you and they’ll pull you back into where the traffic is, and you just slog through.

Get good rest

Number eight is something that I’ve learned after doing this for about a year and a half, is get eight hours of sleep. You may be thinking, “What does eight hours of sleep have to do with me driving?” I can tell you, when I’m rested, I make more money. I’m thinking clearer, I’m better with the passengers, so I’m getting more tips, I’m not forgetting to cancel on the rides that aren’t profitable for me, I’m just alert and ready to go. When I don’t get eight hours of sleep, let’s say I get five or six for some reason, I feel it, and I don’t make as much money. Get your sleep. Get rested, take care of yourself first, and you will make more money.

Look at your work for the week and be proud

Number nine is look and see how you did for the end of the week and give yourself some credit. As you can see here on Lyft, I made $1685, that included the $350 bonus. For Uber, I made $561. That’s about $2246 for the week. That’s pretty awesome. It was a good week. Step number nine is just about acknowledging what you did, clearing the slate for a brand-new week coming straight ahead.

What’s the final thing? Express some gratitude for having a great week, for having an opportunity to make some money, and for meeting a lot of wonderful people while you were driving them around, for having a great job that gives you some flexibility.

I always try and express gratitude. It works for me. It makes me feel better, it makes me a happier person, and it makes me a better driver. Those are my tips and techniques and strategies for earning $1900 a week or more. Thanks for watching.

This is Jay Cradeur, with the Rideshare Guy. Y’all go out and have a great day. Be safe out there.


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