Juno is Now Accepting Pre-registration for New Drivers

Juno, a rideshare app competing with Uber and Lyft, is now accepting preregistration for new drivers. I didn’t see a big announcement, but recently I noticed a few links floating around. It looks likes they’re now accepting preregistration in all cities across the United States.

Check out my video, read the transcript below, and preregister to drive with Juno if you’re interested.

What’s Juno?

I’ve talked about Juno in the past, and basically if you’re not familiar with them, they’re an up and coming competitor to Uber that started in New York, and they’ve been insanely popular with drivers. They’re new, but they’re looking to to go in big or go home. They’re really going for this, and they’re really looking to take on Uber.

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They have basically come up with what I think is one of the driver-friendliest models. They have lower commissions than Uber, 24/7 phone support, tipping options, and drivers actually get equity in the company. I probably sound like a Juno spokesman! This person. You guys can check out their  video for a little bit more full info too see what the company is like. As of today, the company’s actually still only doing trips in New York, but it looks like they’re getting ready to expand. They’ve opened up this preregistration. Typically these companies will test the market in one city, and then slowly or sometimes rapidly expand from there.

Juno focuses on areas where Uber is weak

Honestly, I wouldn’t get your guys’ hopes up about this if I didn’t think Juno was actually doing something special. I think they’ve done a great job so far of really focusing on the things that drivers care about most, kind of like the top five complaints that drivers have about Uber. That’s why I’m kind of creating content and talking about Juno. Their CEO seems like a super brilliant guy. Talmon Marco, he’s got experience launching big companies, successful companies. You can look into his last one, Viber, that sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Then also just done a great job focusing their resources on the areas where Uber is weakest. The big question though with Juno and their marketing plan is, “Are they going to get Uber passengers to try Juno?” Because a lot of drivers tell me how much they loved Lyft, because they’re a driver-friendly alternative, but at the end of the day, they just don’t have the same ride volume as Uber.

With Juno, I think that’s going to be their big question. They’re trying to save money on marketing by not offering big referral bonuses to drivers and not spending a lot on advertising. Then they’re going to charge the passengers less with all the money that they save. Is that going to work? We’ll see. I hope that it will because for drivers, I think it’s important that there’s competition. Lyft, Uber, and now Juno, all these options are a good thing for drivers.

Uber is obviously aware of what Juno is doing, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see Uber copy some Juno features that have really resonated with drivers. In the long run, I think all these companies fighting over drivers is definitely going to be a good thing.

Preregister for Juno with my link

If you guys want to preregister for Juno, it’s a pretty simple process. I think they’re guaranteeing a 10.5% commission basically for the next two years if you preregister with their link when they come to your city. Definitely check that out. You can use my link if you want to  guys want to preregister. Let me know your thoughts about Juno. If you have any questions, let me know. Feel free to like, subscribe to the channel, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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