Is it Better to Drive During the Day or the Night? [Jay Presents]

Which is best for drivers: Daytime driving versus nighttime driving? Jay Cradeur with The Rideshare Guy is going to talk about daytime driving versus nighttime driving. Stick around at the end of the video. I’m going to share with you a short story, which is my first nighttime driving experience.

Take a look at Jay’s video, then scroll to read a transcript of the video.

When is a safer time to drive?

I’ve broken it down into five categories, and we’ll keep score, and we’ll see which wins at the end of this video. The first category I’ve looked at is Safety, right? Which is more safe? Driving in the daytime, or driving in the nighttime. Initially I thought daytime driving, for sure, is safer because you can see. It’s not as dark out, pedestrians are easier to see, bicyclists are easier to see, and other cars are easier to see.

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But if you drive around at nighttime there’s not as much traffic. That’s in favor of nighttime driving. In the end, I looked at these statistics, and you can see them right there on the screen that 31% of fatal drunk driving accidents occur on the weekend. The highest number of drunk drivers is on the road between midnight and 3 a.m. Fatal crashes are also four times higher at night than during the day.

Pretty compelling evidence, so for that reason, I give the winner for safety, being more safe during the daytime. So that’s one for daytime driving.

Which time is better for traffic?

Driving in traffic we don’t make too much money, and it’s also very frustrating, and it’s just a no-win. Now, where’s the most traffic? Definitely daytime has more traffic than nighttime. So, hands down, in terms of traffic, nighttime is the winner. Now we are tied one to one.

Are passengers better during the day, or at night?

The third category is passengers. Driving in the daytime passengers are pretty cool, they’re pretty chill. They’re going to work, they’re going to the airport, they’re high on coffee, they just want to kind of relax. Whereas, when you drive people at night, they tend to be drinking. Which can be fun, for sure, but sometimes it can be pretty obnoxious. You also have to be a little bit concerned about people throwing up in your car, so that’s another concern with passengers at nighttime. For the category of passengers, I’ve got to give this one to daytime driving. Daytime driving has the best passengers.

Do you earn more during the day, or at night?

The fourth category, for many people, is the most important category, and that’s show me the money. Where can you make the most money? I did my own little informal study here, and I drove for 50 hours on one week, where I drove just during the day. Nothing past 7:00. Then, I drove another week for 50 hours, and I drove until 3:00 at night, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Let me show you exactly what that looks like right now.

What you can see here is during the daytime, I made $1,930.00, and at night I made $1,982.00. So it’s pretty close. What I learned is you can get some extra surge at nighttime when the bars close. You can get surge or primetime to be higher. When you drive early in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday mornings, you can also get some really long rides with no traffic. You can just zoom at 70 miles per hour, and really rack up the money.

I think those two kind of offset each other. But in this little study I did, we saw that nighttime driving was a little bit higher, so we’ll score this one for nighttime driving. Right now we’re at two to two, nighttime versus daytime.

Which is best for peace of mind?

I’ve got to say, this is where it really comes down, for me, on the side of daytime driving.

When I’m driving during the daytime, I can see. I can be safe. There aren’t a lot of drunk drivers around, and that gives me peace of mind. I don’t feel like I’m losing much money by driving in the daytime, so overall, peace of mind, for sure, this is a heavy yes for daytime driving. If we now tally those up, it’s daytime driving three, nighttime driving two. Daytime, for me, is better.

Now, it may be different for you. Maybe the safety issue isn’t as important to you and earnings is really more of the issue. If that’s the case, then you want to do more nighttime driving than daytime driving.

My nighttime driving story

I promised you I’d tell you my worst driving experience at night. It was on New Year’s Eve. I was driving around at like 2:30 in the morning, and I picked up this foursome, two men and two women. Two couples.

They were pretty sloshed. They got into my car and they wanted to go to a Mexican drive-thru, which I went ahead and said, “Okay.” Let me tell you, getting four people to hand me their money and tell me what they wanted to order through the window, not much fun. A very frustrating experience. Then, they started eating in my car, of course, and that made my car smell like Mexican food. When we got to drop off the first couple, we had to literally carry the guy out of the car and put him on the sidewalk with his wife.

At that point, I think that’s when I really said, “That’s it on nighttime driving. I’ve had enough of this. Life’s too short to put up with this BS, I’m going to drive in the daytime.” I hope you enjoyed the video. I hope this helped you to get some clarity about which is better for you, daytime and nighttime driving. If you like the video, go ahead and make a comment, say you liked it. By all means, go ahead and subscribe to this channel, this YouTube channel.

You go out and you have a great day. Be safe out there!


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