How Uber Passengers Can Enter Multiple Destinations On Their Uber Ride

Did you know that Uber passengers can enter multiple destinations into the Uber app? I made a quick instructional video that shows you how. This video is for passengers, but it will also come in handy for Uber drivers because it will help you teach your passengers to do this. Most passengers don’t know how to do this, so it’s a really great tip that only takes a minute to explain.

Note: Uber recently added the ‘next trip feature’ so make sure to read the Update section below!

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Here’s the situation that often happens to drivers and passengers. It happens very frequently when you’re taking people out to the bars or dinner, or when you’re taking them home. I notice it happens a lot around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. when people are going home and they live at different destinations. Let’s say you pick up a group of four people, two couples. Two of them live in one place, and two of them live in another. How should you handle two destinations in the app?

How to handle multiple destinations

Now, it’s really handy for passengers to enter their destination on Uber app, and I find that most of my passengers are entering their destination these days. But the problem occurs when two passengers are going to a different place. When two passengers are going to another place, they can only enter one destination because the Uber app doesn’t allow them to enter multiple destinations. Iif you’re a passenger and you wanna go say, “Hey, I’m in Orange County and I want to go to Newport Beach and then Huntington Beach.” You can only enter one or the other, but there’s a cool little trick that I’ve been teaching a lot of my passengers.

Passengers can update their destination in the Uber app at any time

Once you get to the first destination, the passenger can change the destination inside the app. If you’re a passenger, you can actually update the destination at any point. Wait until your driver has arrived at that first destination, and then you can go in and update to the second destination. So once you update to the second destination, it allows the driver to accept and see the new ride and the new destination, and the navigation will take you guys straight to your second destination. I haven’t had too many situations where three destinations come up. Most of the time, it’s groups of two and they say, “Hey, I want to be able to go here and then here,” and instead of having to manually enter it or something like that, you can have the passenger update the destination.

It’s a lot more smooth and a lot more easy for the passenger. Instead of having to deal with entering different destinations in your own navigation app, you can continue driving. Your passenger will just enter the next destination. Sometimes after dropping the first person off, I’ll say, “Hey, which direction should I head?” And the passenger will point me in the right direction, and by the time they enter the next destination into the uber app, it’ll update your phone, and you can be on your way.

Let your passengers know they can update their destination

This tip has definitely helped me a lot when I have these multiple destinations situations, and it’s also a good tip for drivers to just tell passengers in general. This happens more than you might think. I wrote an article, Top 10 Features That I’d Like to See Uber Add to Help It’s Drivers, and this was actually one of the features that I mentioned because I do see that it comes up over and over. And it would definitely be cool if Uber added it, but until then, here’s a quick little hack and a little trick that you guys can use.

Update: Next ride feature now live

The Uber app now sends drivers a new ride request as you’re approaching the destination that’s been input into the app. So if you have multiple destinations to do, the driver may get a new ride request before you get time to update your destination. In order to avoid this, simply have your passenger enter their first destination, then the driver should press navigate and that will start navigation in Google Maps or Waze.  And then immediately have the passenger enter the second destination.

Once you’ve dropped off at the first destination, all you have to do is go back to the Uber driver app and press navigate again (since the second destination will be loaded already) and you’ll be on your way AND only receive next trip requests for your final destination.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out, leave a comment, or email me. Take care!

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