How To Text Your Uber or Lyft Passenger

What’s up guys, Rideshare Guy. Today’s video is about something I accidentally figured out while I was driving for Lyft:  “How Do You Text Your Uber or Lyft Passenger?” It’s a trick that works for both Uber and Lyft.  On Facebook I talk often about texting and calling passengers, and more than once I’ve noticed that some of you will ask, “Hey Harry, how do you actually text a passenger?”

How drivers can text their Uber or Lyft passenger

Here’s the trick. Whenever you’re connected to a passenger, it’s actually over voice over IP. So, when passengers are calling you, or when you’re calling your passenger, that’s on a voice over IP dedicated line. For example let’s say you’re out driving for Uber and you accept a request and call that passenger. When you call the passenger at that phone number, it’s actually going to be the same for every single passenger that you take from now on. You can save that phone number as “Uber passenger,” Now, let’s say you want to call your Uber passenger.  All you need to do is call them and then hang up pretty quickly, and then now you have that number and you can go over to your texting side and text that passenger.

It’s a pretty simple, easy little trick and if you guys use that shortcut, you can save the number as “Uber passenger.” You can use the same and you can do the exact same thing for Lyft. So, with Lyft, you’ll do the same thing once you accept a ride. You call them, hang up and then you can use that same phone number to text them, and make sure you save it in your phone as “Lyft passenger,” and since it’s a voice over IP number, it will actually work forever so it shouldn’t ever change.

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What should you send to your passenger?

If you want to know what I might be texting the passengers, I’m going to make a whole other video on that, but just to quickly tell you I normally text the passenger and say, “Hey this is Harry, your driver. I’m on the way.” I have that message saved, so it’s a nice quick copy and paste and then they know that I’m on the way, and it gives it that little personal touch.

Hopefully this video was useful for you guys. I know a lot of you have asked me about texting your passenger, whether it’s on Uber or Lyft, and the process is actually pretty simple. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, send me an email, like this video, subscribe. Take care guys.

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