How To See What Rating An Uber Passenger Gives You

Hey guys, Rideshare Guy here. Today I’ve got a little bit of a different video. I want to talk about a little hack that I found that can help you see what rating an Uber passenger gives you.

You guys are probably familiar with the rating system, and many drivers believe iit’s not the most fair of systems. Some drivers like it, most probably don’t because we all know kind of the feeling or the situation that you get that there’s just a lack of the feedback, right? It’s tough to figure out why your score is dropping because Uber doesn’t do a very good job of giving you feedback on the rides that you’re doing poorly on.

Most drivers always ask me, “Hey, is there a way to find out what a specific passenger left me?” There wasn’t a way until we found this hack, and I’m going to explain the hack in a second. There are a lot of reasons why you would wanna know what a passenger rated you, and obviously we’ve all had to deal with those kind of crappy passengers who are being rude or disrespectful and you just know that they’re gonna give you a bad rating for something beyond your control. And there’s not always a whole lot you can do about it, but I think more for peace of mind than anything, it gives you that satisfaction to know, “Hey, okay, they just gave me a bad rating for some X, Y and Z, and I know it wasn’t my fault. Let’s move on to the next one.”

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How to find out what your Uber passenger rated you

You actually used to be able to log into the Uber dashboard, and your rating would update in real time. If you guys have noticed on the app you can see right here, where the 4.93 is, that’s the rating that’s shown on the app. If you go out and do 20 rides in a night, your rating will be the same after 20 rides because they don’t update it until the next day for privacy reasons. There used to be a hack where you could go onto the Uber dashboard and see what it is. Now, unfortunately they closed that loophole, but my friend and I were able to find a new one.

This is my friend’s profile. He’s a relatively new Uber driver, doing really well. He’s had a 4.93 rating, maybe because I’ve given him help, I don’t know, maybe not. You can see he’s done 79 lifetime trips, 62 rated trips and 58 5-stars. So the 62 rated trips just means that of his 79 trips, 62 passengers have left him a rating. That means 17 passengers didn’t leave him a rating at all. Those don’t count against you. You can see that he got 58 5-stars out of 62 rated trips, which is obviously very good. Current rating’s 4.93. He’s doing really well.

When you go down you can see the timestamp, 10:31 AM. I requested him, he was at 79 trips, 62 rated, 58 5-stars. We drove around the block, drove around for a few minutes and then I rated him 5-stars. Let’s see what happened to his rating.

Check your lifetime trips and # of 5-star ratings after each trip

Now, you can notice the timestamp, 10:38 AM, same rating, same number of trips. Before, he was at 79 lifetime trips, now 10:38, he’s at 79 lifetime trips too. But we can see that the rated trips went from 62 to 63 and he went from 58 to 59 5-star. So I gave him a 5-star.  The key piece of information is that you know there’s ‘rated trip numbers.’ If this ‘rated trip numbers’ wouldn’t update and only the stars would update then you wouldn’t really have good information. But since we know that it went from 62 rated trips to 63 rated trips, 58 to 59 5-stars, you know that that passenger’s just left you a 5-star.

If that would say 63 rated trips and 58 5-stars, you know that they didn’t leave you a 5-star rating. They could have left you a 1, 2, 3 or 4, and I haven’t found a good way to figure that out. We didn’t wanna test it and give him a 1-star rating and see if his rating dropped, but if you guys are interested in testing it, go out, let me know what happens. The one thing I’ll say, I did log offline to check this so maybe it’ll work online. If not, just hop offline really quickly, see if it updates. And I’m curious to hear from you guys if this result works for you. Obviously we work here on Android. This may or may not work on iPhone. We both had Android so we weren’t able to test it on an iPhone. But if you guys have any questions, let us know in the comments if this works for you, if it isn’t working for you. And I suspect that this won’t work forever, but for now, it works pretty well, so I wanna share it with you guys. Take advantage of it while it lasts. Take care.

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