How Does Mystro Work?

Have you heard of Mystro? You may have heard about this app on UberMan’s Channel or you may have seen one of our videos on it. I’m really excited about this app! What makes this app different is it actually makes you more money by allowing you to automatically drive for Uber and Lyft.

Watch my video to learn how Mystro works, then check out the transcript below if you prefer to read. I also highly recommend that you try Mystro. There’s a free trial available.

We talk a lot about apps that are going to save you money, like ones that are going to track your mileage, or help you save money on gas, all that good stuff. Those apps are cool, but they don’t make you more money. And that’s one of the things that I love about Mystro.

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Mystro was created by a driver, for drivers

It was created by a driver, for drivers. I would love to see more of these types of apps come out in the future. So I’m a big proponent of Mystro, and I’m hoping that if it can gain traction so more apps like it will gain traction. More developers, more drivers, more entrepreneurs are going to want to create these types of apps that are going to help drivers.

How does Mystro work?

It’s only on Android right now, but you can download it and get it set up right now. If you’re on iPhone, you’ll have to wait. But if you’re on Android like me, and probably a lot of other drivers out there, you can use it now. You can use, download it from the Play Store. Download it, get it set up. We’ve got a good video that walks you through that process. There are a few little steps. And then they’ve got good help videos on their website.

But I’m just going to give you guys a high-level overview right now. You go online in Mystro, and what it will do is actually log you on to Uber and Lyft Driver app. It’s going to interface to with Uber and Lyft apps and actually put you online with Uber and Lyft. If you’ve driven for Uber and Lyft at the same time in the past, it’s kind of a hassle. You have to manually switch the apps and press online. When you get a request, you go offline on the other. Mystro automates all of that. Think of it as sort of aggregator for driving apps since it interfaces directly with the Uber and Lyft apps so you don’t have to.

Now as soon as you get a request, let’s say you get an Uber request from a passenger, Mystro will auto accept that ride and then log you off of Lyft. Pretty simple idea but also pretty brilliant, because you can probably guess that it took a long time to set this app up, and it took a lot of backend work. I’ve talked to the founder, Herb, and he’s told me all about the challenges. But at the end of the day, the app works well. It has a simple purpose, but it does its job really well. The app doesn’t actually have a partnership, or interface directly through the API with Uber or Lyft app. It just scrapes the information off the app. I don’t know the technical details. I just know that it’s magic and it works.

Mystro allows you to filter out ride types

When you get an Uber passenger request or a Lyft passenger request, Mystro can see all that information that’s on the screen. That also means that you can filter for things like the type of ride. If you want to ignore UberPOOL request like me, then you can set Mystro to ignore UberPOOL requests. When that UberPOOL comes in, a notification will still come up and you have the option to accept it if you want, but if not, Mystro ignores it for you, and puts you back on. It keeps you online with both Uber and Lyft afterwards.

You can ignore low-rated passengers and rides that are far away

You can also ignore certain low-rated passengers. When it’s Friday, Saturday nights, sometimes I’ll ignore a low-rated passenger since I know that I’ll get a ride request probably from a higher-rated passenger within 30 or 60 seconds. Since the app can see how far away the pickup request is, Mystro can auto filter if you want.

There’s a lot of future possibility: Possible integration with delivery and other apps

There are some other cool features and some other functionality to the Mystro app. It is relatively new, but I think there’s a lot of potential for it. That’s really one of the things I’m most excited for. I mean imagine that there’s a bunch of these apps where when it starts integrating with delivery apps and across multiple cities, and multiple services. I think it puts a lot more of the power into the driver’s hand.

I’m a big fan of this app, if you couldn’t tell. I highly recommend it. I have downloaded it on my phone right now and I actually use it. It’s definitely a product I think you guys can get behind.

I’d like to know from you guys. Have you been using this app? Have you been testing it? What do you think? And maybe tell me what million-dollar app idea you have, and maybe you or I or someone can go out there and build it. I look forward to hearing from you guys. We release videos every single week, and I look forward to hearing for you. Take care!

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