How Can Uber Drivers Request Themselves As Uber Passengers

Hi, guys. Rideshare Guy here. Today I’ve got a video for you on how Uber drivers can request themselves as Uber passengers. It’s a little bit of a weird and unique situation, but I have gotten a few emails about it so I thought I’d make a quick video to let you know how it works and also tell you a couple of situations where it might come in handy. It’s pretty easy to do.

First, download the Uber Passenger app

First thing you need to do is get a passenger app for Uber, which is different from the driver app. If you’re a Uber driver, there’s a special app for you. But if you actually want to use Uber as passenger, you need a separate app. You can go to the Google Playstore for Android or the Apple Store for if you’re on iPhone and download the Uber passenger app there.

Log into your Uber driver app, switch back to the passenger, request a ride

Basically, once you have the passenger app downloaded and after you’ve entered all your information, your credit card, etc, you’ll be able to request a ride. Once you have your passenger account for Uber all set up, you login to your Uber driver account. Then switch over quickly to your passenger account, and now, as long as you drop the pin right nearby where you’re a driver, you should be able to see yourself right there on the map.

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You drop your pin right nearby and you can actually request yourself and that request will come to you since Uber’s algorithm (as long as you’re not an airport or something like that) is based solely on proximity. And since you’re at the exact same spot with your Uber driver and passenger account, you’ll get your own ride request.

Why an Uber driver would want to request themselves as a passenger

There are a couple scenarios and situations where this might make sense, and I’ve used this trick a couple of times personally to prevent my account from being deactivated. I think there’s a million more reasons why you’d want to do it.

The other big one reason why you’d try this is that it’s really good to see how the app works from the passenger side of things. If you have logged into your driver account, you can kind of see what happens when you tap to arrive. Does the notification come right to the passenger? It’s good for experimenting with things like that.¬†Sometimes Uber says that they’re sending out notifications to the rider and they’re not coming through. It’s also good to see all the updates that Uber is pushing through on the passenger side of the app.

This trick helps you to see if your driver account is still active and working

The last situation that I’ve used this trick for is to make sure that your account is working. Sometimes you’ll be sitting there for a lot of time without a request. You can always hop on to the passenger app, see if your car is there. If your car is there and you’re still not getting requests, you think something’s a little fishy, request yourself. Make sure that the request goes through and that you’re getting yourself.

I actually had this happen to me once where I wasn’t getting any requests and it turned out that it was because somehow I got qualified as Uber Black. I’m not sure if something happened with my account, but my normal UberX car was qualified as Uber Black. So I went on to the passenger side of the app, tried to request myself and noticed what was going on.

You can always cancel the ride too once you have accepted yourself, so this is kind of a good way to do a little experimenting. Hopefully you guys liked this video. Definitely feel free to like, comment, subscribe. If you have any questions, leave them for me below. Take care!

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