UberMan on how to handle Uber passengers who cancel a trip mid-ride!

What can you do if a passenger cancels the ride while you’re still driving them to their destination? It’s not something that happens very often, but when it does, you’ll want to know what you can do.

UberMan has a lot of rides under his belt and he’s dealt with this situation before, so I brought him onto my Youtube channel to record a short video about this situation.

Check out our video, then take a look at the transcript if you prefer to read.

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I know you’re like, “Wait a minute. I thought this was Harry Campbell The Rideshare Guy’s channel. What’s Uber Man doing here?” Well, Harry Campbell was generous enough to allow me to do a little guest spot on his channel, so shout out to you, Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy, for giving me the opportunity to do this little video on your channel. I definitely appreciate it.

The problem: Passengers cancel mid ride

Customers have become very, very smart. They will, in some cases, end the trip on you. They’ll cut the trip off. See, you don’t even realize it. You’re paying attention. You’re talking to them. You’re paying attention to driving. You’re not so much trying to focus on your phone. You’ll be starting a trip, you’re getting on your way. All of the sudden, passenger cancels on you. Sometimes you catch it. Sometimes you don’t, but what do you do regardless of whether you caught it or not?

Obviously at some point, you’re going to realize this trip was canceled whether it’s during the trip or by the time you drop them off and realize you can’t end it.

The solution: Contact Uber and let them resolve it

Now, previously in a video, I said, “You know what? Toss them out of your car.” Well, that’s not the correct solution. That was me being a hot head. The way to do it is don’t even say anything to them. Just continue on your trip. There’s no need to start a confrontation. There’s no reason to dump them off on the side of the road. Take them to their destination and then you can contact Uber through the app and report an issue.

Let Uber know that you did indeed drop them off and if you can, I know sometimes it can be dark and maybe you can’t see an address, but you need to do your best to get an exact address as to where you dropped them off at. If you cannot, don’t stress. Find the nearest cross street, get that cross street, and then report to Uber that that is the nearest cross street to the address so you can at least get paid the majority of the money you’re owed.

Don’t panic or freak out

If you get canceled on, don’t freak out. Don’t scream at your passenger. Don’t get out and throw them out of your car. Just go ahead and finish your trip. Report it to Uber later and you will get reimbursed for it. Thank all of you for watching. Subscribe to Harry and if you’re already subscribed to him but not me, then subscribe to me, Uber Man. Until next time, like, comment, subscribe. Stay safe out there and Uber on.

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