Hacking Uber’s Rewards Program For Drivers

Do you know about Uber’s rewards program for drivers with Shop Your Way? Most of us don’t even know about it. Chris from The Rideshare Guy is going to tell you how to hack and stack Uber and Shop Your Way rewards program for drivers by doing what we’re already doing, which is driving.

Take a look at Chris’ video, then scroll to the video transcript below to see all of the points he makes.

The Uber Shop Your Way rewards program gives you points for driving

You get points by driving, so you might as well get it. The way the program is really built out is everything is awarded with what’s called Cashback in points. Cashback in points can be applied towards your purchases on Shop Your Way at Kmart, Land’s End, and Sears.

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Between those three, there’s a lot of stuff you can get. You probably have something right now that you could go to one of those retailers and find it and cash those points in. Most of the points are going to be earned by giving rides if you’re a driver. Every time you give a ride, after you’ve connected your Uber account to Shop Your Way, it’s going to credit you with $2 worth of CASHBACK in points. That will be good up to 50 rides over three months and then it starts over again.

How does the Uber CASHBACK system work?

Let’s go into how that works real fast. You get $2 in CASHBACK in points per trip that you give. You can get up to $100 in points over a three-month period, so that makes it up to $400 in points over the course of a year, or $400 in points over the course of a year. The key trick here though is these points expire every two months. Even as a part-time driver, I’m easily going to give 50 rides within three weeks. If you’re a full-time driver, you going to do it in a week even if you’re in a slow market. 50 rides is nothing.

There you go. Then you got $100 in these CASHBACK points, you can go and redeem them on Shop Your Way website. You’re already driving, so you might as well sign up and connect it so you get stuff. We need stuff. Specifically if the stuff we need costs money, so if we can get that stuff we need without spending our money then let’s get it that way. You can sign up by using our link in the blog post, which will be linked here. We’re also going to drop a link right here in the video. You just click on that, it’ll take you to sign up and connect your account as a driver. You’ll be able to connect your driving account with Shop Your Way. They sync up. Every time you give a ride, it gives you $2 in CASHBACK in points. You could just keep going from there.

Now, here’s another weird part about this program that’s really fascinating. If you’re signing up to be a new driver and you use someone’s referral link, you get what’s called a Uber earnings guarantee. Uber will say, “Hey, new driver, if you give 100 rides in 30 days, we guarantee you’ll make $800.” The way these are calculated though is that they’re calculated to where the average driver is going to make $800 over, say, 100 rides. This is just an example.

Shop Your Way goes on a different program where you get these CASHBACK in points every time you give a ride as a new driver. Instead of, say, Uber offering an earnings guarantee of $800, and then you go and you drive, and let’s say your earn $650 or $700, you’ll get a bonus of $100, $150 from Uber. Most people actually beat their earnings guaranteed, by the way. But with Shop Your Way, you’d still get all the money that you got driving for Uber as a new driver within that first 30 days, but you’d earn enough points to earn 425 in points.

Shop Your Way points expire in 2 months so use them fast

Yes, the points expire in two months. You have to give a hundred trips within 45 days. If you play this right, then this could very easily be a better referral program than our driver referral codes or the Uber earnings guarantee. There’s a chance this is actually the best sign-on bonus right now when played properly. If you work it out the right way.

In fact, honestly, if I was signing up to be a driver now, I’d probably do it this way because I know I’m going to beat their earnings guarantee if I just sign up, because it’s engineered that way. By the way, let’s say you’re a passenger and don’t drive for Uber, you can get the same thing and sign up as a rider, and every time you take a ride, you get the $2 CASHBACK in points.

One thing to note here on these limits, it doesn’t count Uber pull-up trips, and again, it works the first 50 trips you give, like on UberX or maybe Eats, will apply that $2 CASHBACK in points and then you can earn up to $100 in points every three months for a total of $400 a year.

Checking your Shop Your Way balance

You can check the points once you’ve synced your accounts by logging in to Shop Your Way account. Pretty simple stuff here. I’ll show you right now.

I should already be logged in with mine, so you can see right here, it shows you, you’ve got 480 in points. If I want to check it, my points balance, and it’ll show me how I’ve earned points. I can exchange this for a $480 worth of something on this site. Let’s go and check it out here. We’ll show you an example of this working.

I’ve got $480 in points. Hover over, it says I could just use $150.99 in rewards points, and I’m just going to get this. I think I have to pay shipping. Oh, nope, free shipping for MAX members only, okay. Well, even if I had to pay shipping, it’s like it’s pretty significant discount. On top of all this stuff, we also get 50% off of oil changes. You get points, CASHBACK in points, for referring other drivers and passengers. Once you sign up, they’ll give you a link that you can use to refer other drivers or passengers. Every time they sign up and go through the process, you get $5 for referring them, and use it.

Now, it’ll give you $500, you could max it out like $500 a year. I think it is. For $500 in CASHBACK in points a year, for drivers that you refer, and then $500 for passengers that you refer. Be aware of that. Even if you don’t do any referrals, then you can still bank out, like, $400 in CASHBACK in points per year just by giving rides, assuming you’re a full-time driver, or that you give 50 rides within a month or something, which I think most of us do. We can hit that pretty easily. And even if we don’t, it’s just kind of something that’s working passively to provide extra value.

It’s worth participating – You’re already driving, why not get the free rewards?

At the end of the day we’re just like already going to be driving so we might as well take advantage of the program and use it. There you go, you get $2 in CASHBACK in points for every ride that you give up to $100 in a three-month period, $400 over a year. You get $5 CASHBACK in points for every person you refer, whether they’d be a driver or a rider. You can refer other drivers or you can refer people in your car. You get 50% off of the oil changes at Sears Auto Center, and that alone honestly makes it worth it for me.

Sign up for the Shop Your Way rewards program for Uber Drivers

There’s no reason not to sign up for this. Sign up for Shop Your Way with our referral link. Once you sign up, make sure you link your Uber account so you can start getting rewarded for this. One note, Uber Pools don’t count. UberX, that’s where you’re going to be getting the points. Until next time, like, comment, subscribe, share this video, and keep your hands on your wheel and your wheels on the ground. Also, I’m using my points to buy a coffee table that my girlfriend doesn’t like so don’t tell her!

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